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Hey Ladies!
I went in for my 17 week check up and we finally heard the heartbeat with the doppler!!!  yay!!!  Last time I was barely 13 weeks and couldnt hear.  I feel like I can finally breath easy and not worry so much.  As many of you know, I miscarried right before I got PG again.
Anyhow!  My big sono is scheduled for 10/11/07.  I'll be 21 weeks.  I cannot wait!!!
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Glad everything turned out well!
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congrats! its a great feeling to hear your baby is ok ;)
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Congrats!  Your big sono will be great fun!  I love seeing the baby kick around!
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Yeah!  Good news!  By the way, I know you asked earlier where I had moved to, and I don't know that you saw my response.  I'm in Wichita Falls now.
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Thank you everyone for your congrats! I am completely addicted to this message board! lol  You ladies have really helped me.

2nd baby: I know where that is!! I lived there when I was in the 4th grade and then we moved to Henrietta.  I now live in the DFW area.
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Yay!!! That is great news.  Congrats.
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Congrats Vanessa!!! I hope my pregnancy goes as well as yours. I can't wait to hear what your having. I know from your myspace hubby wants a boy which is normal.. but hey a baby is great as long as their healthy!

Hang in there sweetie!
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congrats.... I know that is a beautiful sound!
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Wonderful..thats great news..it must deft put your mind to ease : )
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