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Heartburn and pregnancy, so scary

Hey..So last night I woke up with horrible pain below my chest, in the middle that radiated to my stomach. I think it's hearburn. I only had it one other time a few weeks ago. But it is so frightening, it feels like I'm having a heart attack almost or something, the pain is sooo severe I get nauseated. But it usually gets slowly better over an hour or 2. Anyway, I'm 23 in great health so don't think it's my heart, but I read somewhere it heartburn can happen due to hormonal changes with pregnancy. I'm not pregnant now, but I had a miscarriage about a month ago. Could this be my whacked out hormones? Has anyone, even if your pregnant, experienced such a thing? I'm kinda scared about it.
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I have never been pg to my knowledge, but I get terrible heartburn at times too. You may want to get it checked out if it is lasting for such long periods of time though b/c mine doesn't last that long. Good luck!
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the full head of hair thing is untrue- old tale.  buy some yummy flavored tums and see if htat helps.  I spend most of my 2nd and 3rd trimester sucking them down.  If that doesnt help, then see your doctor.

good luck!
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Zantac saved my life during pregnancy.  I had heartburn and reflux so bad I woke up in the night choking.  I know it is now available over the counter, but don't take it without a prescription.
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I had really bad heartburn while pregnant with my daughter. I never even knwe what heartburn was until I was about 6 months pregnant with her. They say drinking milk makes it worse, but it was the only thing that made mine go away.
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The pain sounds way more severe than even nasty heartburn. Have you thought about a gallbladder attack?  I almost wanted to call an ambulance when I had this. And after an hour or so it passes if the stone passes or if it goesback in. BTW a simple u/s can see if you have gallbladder probs.
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I had heartburn with my last...it only means your baby will have a head full of hair...
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Guys...she said: "I'm not pregnant now, but I had a miscarriage about a month ago." so I think she's actually trying to find out what else could cause this heartburn pain besides knowing about it being common in pregnancy.

ntaylor: I would suggest seeing a doctor if you're really worried or it does not subside. Perhaps take a note of when it happens and what you have eaten during the day or night, how you're lying in bed or what time of the month it is (ie in relation to your cycle) as this info might help the doctors find out what is causing the onset of this problem. In the meantime, have you tried chewing on some indigestion/heartburn tablets (like 'Rennie') for eg? They are great for this type of pain relief. But I wouldn't rely on it or ignore it further! Just a thought!
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I had extreme heartburn...everynight.  It woke me up at night...kept me up at night...burning in my chest and throat even...always made me so naseous.

I used TUMS - berry flavored...ate a ton of them...most of the time they did the trick but I found milk helped too.

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I would say get your gall bladder checked! Sounds like the first couple of "attacks" that I had before the major one! I agree, go to the doctor and have it checked out!
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Milk has been the only thing that would help until recently.  Im 39 weeks pregnant now and its only gotten worse...so now milk and a bottle of tums helps.
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When you are pregs especially, your stomach is surprisingly high up in your chest, can get pushed way up under your breastbone, so if the pain seems next to your heart, well that is where the stomach is!  

The heartburn I've been experiencing with pregnancy is more like acid or being hit with a ball bat than it is like what I thought "heartburn" was before pregnancy.  Wakes me up at night, hugely more painful, etc.  So that may well be it.  It is nothing like pre-pregnancy heartburn.

I thought that Mylanta was not OK during pregnancy, but asked my doctor two weeks ago and she okayed it.  I get the liquid kind, "original formula" and keep it in the fridge.  Two or three huge swigs helps a really lot.  Tums was not strong enough to touch the heartburn.  If something like this doesn't help you, then you might want to explore other possibilities with your doc.
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I had the same thing about 6 years ago it was so horrible I will never know for sure what is was I have gallstones and do a gallstone flush once a year and never had the problem again I also took zantac the doctor prescribed so im not sure what caused the pain like really bad heartburn whether it was the gallstones or something else  doctor said taking zantac you shouldnt have the problem again.
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