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Good morning to everyone!
I am on my 17 week and started again with morning sickness! The symptoms were gone three weeks ago ... and noooooo... they came back.
Anyway, I have never ever had heartburn. I started to experience uncomfortable sensation in my throat... esophagus??? then I burp like crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy... it is so uncomfortable... are those symptoms of heartburn... sorry for being so ignorant.
What can I take... tums? I have an appointment on Wed. but maybe anyone already consulted this with her doctor.
Any hep/advice will be appreciated.
Thanks and have a restful Sunday.
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i took a generic calcium carbonate antacid the entire pregnancy. fortunately that symptom disappeared immediately upon giving birth.
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You will know when you have heart burn, it feels like your throat is on fire. It sounds like you may have some bad gas though.

For heartburn you can take Tums.
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Sounds to me like heartburn!  Try Tums, and as an added bonus for having to take them-try the Smooth Fruit flavors with Calcium.  I take two a day, heartburn or not, because they taste good and they are a good source of calcium.
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Liquid Mylanta always did the trick for me, and my heartburn was awful.  Doc said it was OK to take.  I kept it in the fridge so the thick minty liquid wouldn't be too noxious to drink (it's pretty thick).

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