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Heavy bleeding week before period while on pill, possible causes?

So long story short, I've been on the pill for about 2 years now, but the pharmacy changed my prescription (to generic) in the last 5 months.  I've had regular unprotected sex with two people this year - both were virgins with no prior sexual experiences. I have had sex (mostly unprotected) several years back with less than 10 people, all of which said they had been tested.

I got my period 3 weeks ago, and I'm on the 3rd week of my birth control, my period is supposed to come in about a week. I've been particularly dry with an sour taste that I attributed perhaps to a yeast infection and received a pill to take. Past that there were no other abnormal changes.

My boyfriend and I hadn't seen each other for a bit of time (week, but have had sex in previous weeks), and only had a day to spend time with eachother. We've recently begun to experiment a little bit - but first we had normal sex, with no problems. Then he decided to play around with ice a little bit, and ended up putting some wet ice into my vaginal opening, which then apparently got sucked up into me? He started to finger me, but realized that his hand was covered in blood. I'm not talking period blood, I'm talking bright red blood that dripped into the toilet, it seemed like more blood than I've ever had on a period in the 10 minutes that I'd bled. We took a break, and he actually looked in my vagina to make sure nothing was scratched - he said he saw nothing, no blood anywhere but maybe that my cervix was slightly red (as normal).

As quickly as it came it went away - but I felt some small cramps for the rest of the day. We had sex several times more, (my libido is high) and only once did my boyfriend find blood on the tip of his penis, kind of like period sex. Then today I was having a bowel movement in which I sat for about 10 minutes, and when I wiped there was a large amount of red blood again, but it went away relatively quickly. The blood itself is fairly red, but seems to have some dark red/pink/sometimes whitish clots or something that are rather stringy. I'd think that my period was just early, except that the blood is so red and seems to gush out.

I'm super worried about this because its so abnormal - I am waiting anxiously to get my period. Some things I might be attributing this to is -

1) I may have gotten pregnant but miscarried (I'm not the best at taking my pill on time)
2) The ice irritated something or caused the cervical lining to release
3) I don't think its an STI, but it could be an infection, after sex I had issues peeing, which I attributed to a swollen labia

Please, and advice/guidance would be well appreciated

TL;DR - Heavy red bleeding a week before period while on pill, no known cause
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