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Heavy bleeding

This is my fourth pregnancy, i had miscarried once before but the baby died in womb, so i had no blood or clots....and so on.

well im in the early stage of pregnancy, 5 weeks. i went to the doctor one week ago and checked my levels they were high and doubled like they should have, the sac was there and it was to early to detect a HB. Two days ago I noticed i started to bleed lightly and then it has now turned into a heavy period, nothing on the pad but drips, but when i wipe there is alot of red blood. I went to the doctor the sac was still there and it was still early to detect a HB. I was told the only thing was to wait it out. I dont go back to feb 10th and this is driving me nuts. I prepapred for best but expect the worst. Has anyone ever gone through this???? and have it be ok??? or not???
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hi i went through it with my little girl i was transferred to the hospital were they sed my lil girl was ok she ad caught the wall inside me wich made me bleed for weeks i was 7 week gon wen this happend xx
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The same happened to me and the origin of the bleeding could not be determined. The bleeding/spotting eventually stopped. I'm 26 weeks along now. Try to relax and be as stress free as possible. Rest as much as you can. Good luck to you and your little one.
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I spotted for 4 weeks with my first son and full out bled with my second.  I wrote in my journal "way more than spotting...almost a period"  It did get on a pad and I had quite a bit of bright red blood for weeks.  My son will 3 months old tomorrow.  I swore it was a second miscarriage as I had one 3 months before I got pregnant with him.  The only difference was that I did not have the severe cramping that I had with my miscarriage.  I ended up bleeding many times through out this pregnancy, from weeks 4.5-9; weeks 12&13, week 19, week 21 and weeks 34-38 and then again in the last few days before he was born.  the bleeding at the beginning, my doctor said was an implantation bleed still.  I said I thought it should only last a day or so.  he described it as a scab and each time you irritate it it opens and bleeds and the more times it happens the longer it takes to heal.  irritating could be sex, exercise... he told me not to do anything different and it would eventually go away.  he was right.  he said the rest of the bleeds were cervix irritations.
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