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Hello Old Friends! Checking In!

Hello everyone!  Checking in with all of you!   I hope all is well in everyone's lives!  Can you believe my Leah is going to be 1 next month?  I cant!  I know I see rubyolivia over in the myspace world but how are the rest of you?  Bops?  Ally76?  Peek?  EVERYONE!  

August '07 Mommies: How are your babies?  Have you been able to lose yoru baby weight?  (A big issue with me... sort of.  Well I lost the weight in lbs but not in appearance).  How are your husbands/boyfriends with the babies?  (TJ is a great dad but he NEVER thinks to check Leah's diaper when he's in charge.  It's like... OK she's screaming, she's fed and wont sleep... what do you think it could be?  Oh wait she's soaked and/or smelly... DUH!)  

I'm babysitting a little boy who was born 2 months after Leah so I have an October baby around sometimes now too.  He's too cute but it's amazing the difference two months makes!  Leah seems so far ahead sometimes!  I miss the days when she was like him... sitting up and able to entertain herself but not able to crawl/pull up on everything and get into everything!

PS: Any walkers?  Leah took 2 steps yesterday toward me!  I know she's SOOOO close, it's crazy! My neice didn't walk till she was 14 months and here Leah is, 10 months and she's about to I know it!  
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Hi (: Brody was supposed to be an August baby but surprised us and came early, with troubles. He has surgery next week to correct his hypospadias but other than that he is doing great!! He'll be ONE in exactly 13 days, born July 14. He's eating a lot better lately, taking solids but still loves his bottle. I weaned him from the breast about 5 days ago. I miss it and he does too, but it was time. He is crawling FAST everywhere, pulling up on things and will be walking anyday himself! He stands on his own and pivots like he's going to walk, then plops down on his butt. He has just started clapping his hands and waving-delayed a bit there, but not anymore! He's a silly boy and loves peek-a-boo and loves to be chased. We say "I'm gonna get you!" and he screams and crawls in hyper mode to get away then giggles that big belly giggle when we get him. He is a joy to have around! Not yet sleeping through the night though :\ I can count on one hand how many times he has slept all night long! Oh well...it'll come in time. He cuddles with us until he sleeps at night, then into his crib until he wakes for the first time and is brought into bed with us by his Daddy. We try to put him back in there after he falls asleep but don't always wake to do so! Ben is the best Dad ever! He loves being a Dad and it shows (:

Nice to hear from you!
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Oh, one more thing. Baby weight. I am struggling with mine. I weigh the same, but don't look the same. I'm not toned. The polyhydramnios I had really stretched my tummy more so than the four pregnancies I had before this one. Also, since being done nursing I have packed on a few pounds. Guess I'm not one of the lucky women who lose weight when they stop nursing! I've been trying my hardest to eat well and get exercise. So far, it's just helping me maintain, not lose! It's very frustrating! I wanted to get back into my bikini's before the fourth. We're going tubing-an 8 hour ride down the river. I'm going to look like a big, white, flabby mess. Oh, my boobs are empty sacks now, too ;P
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DD is almost 11 months and she started walking at 9 1/2 months. She was pulling up like crazy and one day took a few steps, after she realized she could do it by herself that was it. Now she walks everywhere:) She is a tiny girl so everyone thinks she is about 6 months old walking lol. I too have issues with my baby weight. I have about 15lbs to lose before I am back to pre-baby weight, but I hate having to exercise. I am still breastfeeding  (well actually pumping) so I want to wait until I am completely done before I go on a "diet".
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AJ was born 8/31/07.  He is doing great.  Almost 17lbs now.  he took his first steps on 6/9 but seems to be stuck there.  He can go about 5 steps and that is it.  Baby weight.  I have given up.  I lost about half of it and now it is a struggle.  I lost over 50 lbs just before getting prego with AJ and now am thinking about another baby.  I cant bare to think that I will struggle to lose another 20lbs just to putit right back on.  I think it may be here to stay!
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Great to hear from all of you!  Glad to see some familiar names!  

Jen: What are hypospadias?  I have never heard of that/those before?

Everyone else, as far as weight goes, I think I was packing on at least 10 lbs of "winter weight" when I got pregnant so the fact that I am back at preprego weight  means little to me.  I also hate exercise.  I do love pushing my jogger around but I rarely jog... just walk fast.  And I was doing great with that but I have majorly slacked in the last couple of weeks for some reason.  

PS:  Leah is taking steps as of yesterday/last night!  I've seen her take up to 5 without holding on to anything.  And she will wlak anywhere if I hold her hand!  I can't believe how fast she's grown!
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Hypospadias is a penis deformity, basically. Not as bad as it sounds, the "hole" is on the underside and they use the foreskin to lengthen the urethra and bring it up to where it should be. They make a new hole and cover the old one up with the remaining foreskin. It's not all that uncommon, you can Google it if you would like more info (:

I've been really trying in the past few days to eat very healthy, eat less and walk around the local Silver Lake. That is about a 45 minute brisk walk and I've been doing it every day. It makes a difference, but like I said, at this point I'm just maintaining!! It's frustrating!! I know I'm 34 and have had five children, but do I need to look like I have?? Before having my fifth child, I felt and looked great in a bikini. That is my goal again. We do lots of summer activities on Mississipi and Zumbro rivers...tubing, boating, swimming, camping...I want to look and feel good! Call me vein, that's fine...but when someone says to me that I don't look like I've had five children, I LOVE IT! It's just all about feeling good about yourself and what you feel comfortable with. For myself, I don't feel comfortable with that roll or tight pants. I like to wear my cute summer shorts and tops and not feel like I'm flabby and letting myself go! Besides...I have a wedding coming up in February!!
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VAIN! I hate typos (:
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Hi Jayden was born on August 15th so he will be one soon. WOW time flies. My weigh less than my pre-pregnancy weight but I still don't feel I look like I used to. I can fit into my old clothes though which is good. Jayden finally got 2 teeth last month. But is he walking. He has been since 9 and half months. He actually walks instead of crawling now. Its so cute, he holds his arms out in front of him to balance. He looks like a zombie lol. He doesn't fall that much anymore eiether. Im so proud of him=) He says bye-bye and waves when someone leaves. But the cutest thing is he shakes his head no whenever I say no-no-no. Which is quite often. He is started to tell himself no by shaking his head when he is about to do something he isnt supposed to. He is a site! Well I hope all you other August 07 Moms are  doing great!
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