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Help-My baby's weight has fallen off the chart

Hi girls, my son had a 9 mth check yesterday and he only weights 16.1 lb, the nurse said he's fallen off the chart...his height is in the 10-25 percentile.  The doc didn't seems to be too concerned but she said he needs to have a different diet that contains more fat.  Any suggestions here?  I am very worried and don't know what to do since he doesn't like to eat.
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Dolly --

What DOES your son eat?  That is the best place to start so that we can all offer other ideas.

Also, how is his behavior?  Is he active?  Involved in play?  Interacting?

And, when you say he doesn't like to eat, what do you mean?

When my youngest was diagnosed with an egg allergy (now outgrown, one food that can, some cannot), the allergist said little ones often SHUN food they are allergic to as a protection mehcanism.  If he doesn't eat, have you checked him for food allergies?  Just a thought.

Lastly, what is your diet like?  I don't know if this applies to you so please do not take offense, but I have friends who say their kids don't eat, but when you look at all the foods the parent doesn't eat, it kind of makes sense.  I see "picky" parent eaters not offering a variety of foods to their kids.

I am lucky because my kids eat everything...unlike most of their peers.  They have been offered a wide variety of foods and have come to enjoy many different things.

Also, a friend told me that she read a child has to try something 11 times before they will acquire a taste for it -- don't know if it's true, but maybe keep offering the food over a couple of weeks and maybe your son will come to eat it.

These are just a couple of thoughts -- like I said, I don't know your eating habits, and I'm NOT trying to lay blame, but just offer some ideas to help.  If they don't apply, please disregard.

And any input to my questions and I think more specific advice will be offered by all...

Good luck!!!
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I have to tell you that I had the same problem with my now 23 month old. A lil' background...when he was born a month early, he was 8 1/2 lbs. He was in the NICU for a week and lost 1lb. He stayed chubby until 9 months, around the time we had already introduced solids. He refused to eat that much and loved the bubbas. He started to not gain weight and was only in the 5th percentile for awhile, and gradually worked his way up to being in the 50th, where he is today. I fed him whatever he would eat. For awhile all he ate was chocolate donuts and peanut butter sandwiches (spread very thinly). After he turned 1, he almost refused to eat ANYTHING and I got desperate. I would take baby food, water it down and put it in his bubba. He would drink/eat it! I had to do that for awhile, although not proud to admit. It only lasted a couple weeks, then slowly he started liking other food.

Just keep introducing different food to your baby and let him eat the same kind for awhile before giving him a different one. He'll eventually start liking normal food and gaining weight. For the time being, for him to gain weight, lots of bubbas/breastmilk (whichever you're doing).

Good luck, believe me, I know what you're going through
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My 18 month old son has always been a weird eater.  When he was an infant he refused to eat baby food at all.  He only wanted "big people" food.  Then I finally got him to eat baby food fruit and veg when he was a year old.  I figured as long as he was getting it, it didn't matter.  I dropped him down to 2 milks a day.  One in the morning and one before he goes to bed.   He was just filling up on milks and not wanting to try anything new. He just went for his 18 month checkup and the Dr. did some blood tests on him just to make sure he is ok.  He is only in the 10th percentile for his height and 5th percentile for his weight.  He weighs 22lbs.  Everything I give him he throws on the kitchen floor.  It is very frustrating.  My Dr. said if he likes chicken then give him chicken 7 nights a week.  The fruits and veg are only to train him to eat them when he is older.  He said so long as he gets protein it doesn't matter.  Feed him cheese, yogurt, chicken, fish, meats.  The never fail with my son is cucumber, raisins and watermelon.  Also you will find that once he starts walking he will begin the "grazing" stage, meaning he is "too busy" to eat.  Just keep lots of snack on hand so he can pick throughout the day.  The Dr. said it doesn't matter how much he eats in a day (3 meals, etc.) it matter how much he consumes in a week.  Good Luck!  I know how frustrating it is
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My son was born 2 weeks early and weight 5 lb 12 oz.  I know he is not going to be big but he is just so tiny.  He is active, loves to play and interact.  I nursed him for 7 months and now he is on soy formula.  He has about 16-18 oz of formula if we are lucky.  For solids, he was eating congee (soupy rice with meat and veggies), he will get 2 bowls a day and a fruit.  The doc said his diet doesn't have enough fat in it, which is true.  He started daycare last week and was starting table food there.  I want to see what you all are feeding your babies at that age.  I tried fish stick, peas, and potatoes last night and he won't have any of that.  I ended up giving him cereal.  I have a Asian background and that's why he was eating congee.  Also, the doc okayed Whole milk and any foods he wants to eat (no PM, honey).  Also, he will not wat any jarred baby food.....My hubby and I eat pretty heatly, I cool a variety of foods everyday so there's no reason for him to be like that.  Ugh, help....so frustrated.
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I think the best way at this age to get the calories/fat he needs is by formula/whole milk. Honestly, I would not start on whole milk right now. The kids that I babysit at this age would typically have 32 ounces in a day(evening included-24hours). But, that's where I'd start.Best wishes and as long as he is continuing to grow/gain and dr says he is ok, then I'd try not to worry too much. Also, try some of the food again, It may look like he doesn't like it but the faces they make sometimes are just that it is different texture/flavor. Best wishes.
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Dolly, if Gavin was 5lb 12oz at birth that put him at about the 2nd centile at birth, if at 9 months he is 16lb he is still on the 2nd centile, so although he was and still is a small baby it looks to me like his growth is perfect, he hasn't dropped any centiles. Does he look healthy? When James fell below the 5th centile (he was 50th at birth) he was so skinny I couldn't get clothes to fit him and he was always sick,it was a concern for us because he dropped so many centiles.

Now to get a bit of weight on James I really upped the calorie content of his food (he has some eating problems too that I had to contend with so changing to different foods didn't work).

I gave him as much milk as he would drink (which wasn't much, he didn't like that much either), if Gavin was allergic to milk based formula chances are he won't tolerate whole milk right now either.

I put 2 teaspoons of good quality olive oil or unsalted butter in his dinners, made lots of things with cheese sauces (loads of high calorie cheese in it!)

Gave him lots of yoghurt/full fat fromage frais; he much prefered this to milk anyway,

That's all I can think of now, got to go, baby needs me!

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I have been mixing whole milk with his formula and cereal, he likes it ok.  What other meal ideas do you all have?
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Congee sounds like a great baby food....

Will you ped let him have protein yet?  I'm thinking lean chicken or fish.
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Watch the whole milk, it contains a lot of calcium which interferes with the absorption of iron. It is not recommended at this age and I am actually astounded your pedi would recommend it.

Find a way to fatten up the congee. Or cut it out all together if it is keeping him from getting his 32 oucnes of formula. It makes no sense he would tolerate whole milk but require soy, something is amiss that needs to be evaluated.

CJ still nurses more than anything. He gets bits and pieces of table foods here and there. Generally small bits of applesauce, small bites of bread, but he still prefers his cereal w/ bananas. And it cannot be said enough, breastmilk or formula needs to make up most of his intake, not solids. Even after their first birthday you will find babies tend to take in a alot of whole milk. They desperately need the fat provided in the liquid form (easier to get a lot of it in that manner) for neurological development.
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Some more meals we gave James to bulk him out;

(All of these I made in bulk quantites and froze in those ziploc tubs, the small ones are perfect size for a baby, the next size up good for a toddler portion)

Cottage pie; finely minced beef (or can use lamb for a different taste) browned in olive oil, a few peas and chopped carrots, cover with water and put in the oven to stew so all meat and veggies become really soft. Topped with mashed potato with butter or olive oil, milk (use formula for babies) and cheese in it.

Lentil and vegateable casserole; Brown the white part of a leek in olive oil ad carrots, sweet potato (or yam) courgettes (peeled and diced) and any other root veggie baby likes. A couple of bay leaves (remove at the end of cooking) and red lentils (okay for babies at about 9 months but only use red the others babies find hard to digest until older). Cover with water and cook on sotve top until all veggies are soft and lentils become pulpy and soft.

Fish pie; skinless boneless fish that flakes easily (James loves salmon or any white mild fish) with small peices of broccoli and carrots (or any veg baby likes really) mix together in a cheese sauce; melt a little butter, add a tablespoon of flour and sitr until you get a thick paste, then add milk (formula for babies) a little at a time until you get a glossy sauce, add loads of cheese. Then top with mash potatoes (again make smooth with a little milk and buttter or olive oil).

Pasta bolognaise: browned minced beef in olive oil, celery, carrots, white part of a leek, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, a few italian herbs and a little garilc if baby likes, cook in oven or on stove until everything is soft, blitz a a food processor for a few seconds to get a smoother sauce and serve with soup pasta (it is small cooks quickly and perfect for babies).

James also loves to snack on cheese, goldfish crackers, buttered toast, cherrios, pieces of fruit, cream cheese and thinly sliced ham sandwiches, two bite brownies, bits of wholemeal bread.

You could also try mashed avocado (yummy with papaya mashed with it) ,mashed banana, peaches and yoghurt.

Try the comercial infant cereals, mix some of his friut in with it if he is not keen on the taste.

If he really won't drink more milk try to get dairy into his diet through youghurt, cheese and by putting milk in his food. That is what we had to do with James, people don't beleive me but honestly there were days he wouldn't drink more than 8 oz of formula even if we cut back solids to hardly anything he wouldn't up his milk intake.

Hope this is of some help but I honestly don't think you have too much to worry about, a few weeks of more dairy and higher calorie food, even just adding some good olive oil to the food you currently give him will have him putting a couple of pounds on and he will be just fine.

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Another thought!

What kind of formula do you have him on? If you have moved him on to one of these 'follow up' milks I would switch back to the first stage formula, the follow up milks seem to make them less hungry. Also if he is having regular whole milk on his cereal it doesn't look like he has milk alergy and so perhaps you could go back to a milk based formula (check with your ped).

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