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Help me with my ultrasound...boy or girl?

Hi everyone.  I had an ultrasound last week at about 19.5 weeks and decided not to find out gender of the baby.  Now my curiosity has gotten the best of me and I find myself scrutinizing some of the pics from the dvd we brought home.  What do you all think?  The black and white ones are where the baby has it's knees pulled up.  The other split screen is a 3D from the backside and what I believe is the same pic just an inside view. (This was the picture that captured my interest as I thought something looked fairly obvious!)  Opinions? Boy or Girl?

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girl? im not even sure what im looking at if u have a 3d photo post that one. but if thats the legs and in between looks like a girl, i dunno im confused lol hehe im having a girl! and theres was nothing in between her legs! no pee pee lol
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the top of the picture is a leg/knee bent up towards chest.  I have two others posted under my profile- one is 3D.  Hope that helps!  Thanks
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honestly i can't really tell from either pic or even sure what i'm looking at either. sorry i'm no help.
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Thanks for trying!  Anyone else familiar with looking at these?  I maybe could explain better.. does anyone know how to put arrows, etc. on the pics?
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I'm sorry, I looked too, have 2 boys and it was obvious, looked like a little turtle with a head poking out.  I have no idea even what I'm looking at.  It's hard to tell when they are scanned.  I would call your Dr. though, mine had it in her charts.  Good luck though and congrats!
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Thanks for looking!  Anyone else have any thoughts on these??
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