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Help me.....am I late?

Sorry all, to ask this question twice, I didn't get any response and I feel like a moron. I musta sounded like one too the first time, LOL!

Just wanting to know if I am now a day late for AF? I have always started on the 25th of every month, but had a chemical pg, last month (oct), which made me start a week later, on the 31st.

My question is, am I a day late now? Or will my AF now start around the 30th from now on? Please help....lie to me, tell the truth....copy and paste....cuss me out...I'll take any feedback! lol! TY all.
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Since I've been trying to get pregnant with our second, my husband has created a rule for me:  I'm not technically late until I'm three days later than the longest cycle I've ever had.  He doesn't want me taking a pregnancy test and getting my hopes up until I really am truly, officially late.  If I were you, I wouldn't consider myself late until I had gone longer than last month.

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words to live by! thanks SO much for responding! that is just what i will do! babydust
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Don't get so hung up on one day.  Cycles can change, even if someone was previously regular.  Best of luck to you.
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thank you all so much. it makes sense. duh, i just figured it out...25 to 25 is 30 days, so would 31st to 31st.....or 30 give or take! can yall tell i am OVERTHINKIN this just a tad!!!!??!! im have truly crossed over...POAS crazed.
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If you started on the 31st last month, that was the FIRST day of your cycle. If you have a normal 30 day cycle, that would put you due for the 30th of this month, which would be your cd30 if I am calculating correctly. Your body will likely NOT revert to your prior cycle because you were a week late last month. Your normal cycle length, not dates, should dominate thus making you due for af around the 30th. Best wishes!
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Don't feel badly for being anxious ... we all do it! ;0) Good luck!
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My doc told me to relax and quit over analizing everything.  She said the stress alone will keep you from conceiving.  She told me today...NO more charting, just have sex every other day from the 8th day after AF until about the 16th day.  I told her I would try.  We also think I had a chemical preg last month because I had slight positive preg test.  She said no more testing until you are at least 5 days late on your longest cycle.  Tuff words to live by.  You know how it is...we analize everything.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I just ordered a Clear Blue Easy Fertility Monitor, lol!  Blessings and sticky baby dust to all of us!
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