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Help with MS, symptoms in early pregnancy

Good morning.  I am happily 8 weeks pregnant after a MC last fall.  We have correct dating US with 160 hb so the doctor has told us that the risk of MC is now less than 5 percent, so very optimistic.

I'm hoping, however, that some of you might be able to help sort out relief for some of my morning sickness symptoms.

I've always been a good, healthy eater and could eat virtually anything without upsetting my stomach, never had heartburn or indigestion, nothing.

I am suffering with MS, but also have lovely constipation and seem to feel some relief when I am able to burp (sorry TMI).  On top of it, I have this horrendous taste in my mouth -- not metallic, but like morning breath -- but all the time.  Some have mentioned this is acid reflux, although I don't seem to have any heartburn to speak of.

I'm just not sure which way to turn and I don't want to be taking a bunch of stuff for relief, but am virtually non-functioning right now.

Any thoughts?  Should I try acid reflux med, gas X med, constipation med?  Any ideas?

I would appreciate any help, thoughts, ideas.  I would rather suffer through than do anything to harm the baby, but would love to try anything safe that might bring some relief.

FYI -- I have cut back on PNV per doc to see if that helps.  Too soon to tell...

Thanks Ladies!!
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I have severe MS too...and because I have been vomiting everyday, the doctor told me to take 1 b6 vitamin and and a otc med called unisom...it is a sleep tablet and supposed to split in half and take it twice a day...it didin't want to take anything either...but the doctor said I had to...and I am also constipated...so the doctor told me to get the otc stool softner called colace ( generic is fine) that made me feel a lot better...

anyways congrats on the preggo and hope this helps
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I take ENO.  its a natural friut salt and it really helps with heartburn, sour stomach etc.  I get it in a Indian grocery but you may be able to find it in a regular store.  Also I drink seltzer...bubbles make me happy and it helps me burp.  Oh and I have found that chewing fruity gum helps with nausea and sickening smells.
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The yucky taste is cause by hormones.  I would try to ignore it.  I had it until about 5.5 months  I wouldn't take any meds unless you clear it with your doc.  You definitely do not need reflux meds, acid reflux feels like a heart attack, it can be hard to breathe so you will know it if it hits.

Most MS will pass on its own in a few weeks.  If you are losing weight and vomiting constantly you should talk to your doctor and there are some excellent drugs you can take.

Some home remedies:

Eat several small meals a day, never let your tummy get completely empty.

Sea Bands

Ginger Tea

Ginger Ale

Saltines in bed before you rise.

Good luck, it really should pass soon.
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Uggghhh, I hate the yucky taste thing!!   I had ms really bad up until last week, I am 11 wks 4days.  I lost 7 lbs and I am now able to eat a bit.  I had to get on meds because I was throwing up everything I put down.  The only thing that sort of helped was fresh fruit and veggies.  It was the only food I found that would not leave a horrible taste in my mouth.  Anything I ate like crackers or anything with sugar would leave a bad after tatse for hours.
For some reason I have a really hard time drinking water still?!?!  There is no taste to it but I cant get it down.
Trust me it will end soon, but be grateful you have it.
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