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Help with Potty Train

Why does my 3 year old son take his diaper off and just want to walk around naked? Is that part of a sign that he wants to start potty training? He hardly ever talks, but he understands. We try to put him shorts on, he doesn't notices that he pees. Help!
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it is common with kids they do not feel comfortable with their diapers on. moreover if he's 3 years in age i think u should not use diaper as he is sufficiently grown to be in shorts only. for potty training its like earlier the better.
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s and the talking thing should be adressed now too. Lot sof boys like to be naked if they are allowed to be:) But potty traiing should start around 18 months and be done by age two.

I am actually use elimination with my son age 5 months since age 2 months. Babies are born with spincter control and do communicate when they need to go and will not go during sleep, it is when they wake up or wake up part way to go like us then fall back asleep. He communicates to me when he has to go just like if and when he is hiungry sleepy or needs stimulation or wahtever. It is easier when they are younger and infant EC is not potty training of a parent or infant but plain communication. And yes you will have misses.. he does not poo in his cloth nappies since age 2 months and I am not a full time EC'er either can use cloth nappies when we are out and sometimes at home if I am real busy and going in and out of rooms and may not see his cues.

I am wondering why though why you have not trained him yet, is he your first? I assure you though he does know when he pees but has just learned that he can go when ever. But the longer you wait the harder it will be!
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My son was fully potty trained at 22 months. We were at the beach and he noticed every time he peed and it made him aware of what was going on. Keep the diaper off and maybe he will start getting the idea that when he pee's it gets wet. I still would take him every 20 minutes and put him on the potty. Good luck, it can be tough. My son was just ready and we were lucky!
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It is total bull that a child should be potty trained by a certain age.  Shame on the poster above who insinuated you were doing something wrong by not having your child potty trained yet.  And yes, training a child to be potty trained at two months old IS training the parent, not the child!!!!  Say what you want to say, but that is also total bull.

I agree with kellym that it works well with boys to keep their diaper off when possible and keep taking them to the toilet at regular intervals while they are without their diaper.

Children will go on the toilet when they are ready to.  And when a child can communicate the need to use the toilet, take the initiative to head to the toilet, and partially disrobe themselves, then they are trained.
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OH yeah, My dd was 2 1/2 before she entertained the idea! There is no set rule, a child will not train until he/she is ready.
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My son is 2 1/2 now and is fully potty trained. Took 1 week of hard work and consistency, and he got it! When he turned 2, he got the idea that going poop on the potty was a must. He understood that concept very quickly and boy was I happy with just that at first!  A few weeks before he was completely potty trained, he was in pull-ups, but didn't quite understand when he had to go pee. Took that one week and now he only wears underwear...all day and all night. Consistency is key, at any age! He will let you know when he is ready. A lot of times if you force it, they are turned off by that. I just let my son go at his own pace. I knew eventually it would happen! Also, at first to get him motivated to go on the potty, we would reward him with m&m's or something if he went on the potty, I think that helped him at first too. Every child is different and learns differently. He will get it soon!
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