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Helpful Hints For PG Symptoms

I would like to use this board as a place for people to list hints and ideas that have helped them cope with the various pg symptoms. Anything that others have discovered (online, in books, or by trial and error) that may help someone else while they're going through it. Problems that seem to keep coming up are heartburn, constipation, can't sleep, itchy skin, swollen feet,etc...etc...

So post away with all your advice!

Thanks! :-)
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The thing I've found to help constipation is Cheerios!:-)
I bought the new fruit flavored Cheerios last week, and have discovered that I am able to use the bathroom on a fairly regular basis since eating them. I eat them as a dry snack throughout the day (take them with me in a ziploc bag), and try to eat a bowl ine the morning, and then again in the evening. It seems to help!
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Hey girlie!!! how are you today???? starting the symptoms huh??!!! that is so cute!!!! lol
I found helpful for constipation---a glass of metamucil in the morning and another glass of plain water following it! it's just awesome!
Put elastin lotion all over your abdomen and boobs....and itchy areas every day after your shower....that helped me too! ;)
Hope you have a great weekend!
ps....im 6dpo's today! ......hmmmmm...and dying from a heart attack!!!
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If you have itchy skin that seems to never go away. No matter how much you scrath... Ask your doctor to check you for Cholestasis. It can be check through a blood test I believe. Most doctors will probably say that they have never heard of it. But look it up. It is reall. It only happens in like 2% of women. Especially if you have swedish in you. Nothing will sooth the itching, but there is a perscription to stop the itching. I had it with my first and let me tell you it is HELL!!! I just wanted to die. I couldnt sleep, I cried all the time. It was so bad that I didnt know if I ever wanted to have anymore kids. I still have scars. So if you itch uncontrollably so the point of bleeding, ask your doctor about Cholestasis.
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heartburn, never had it
constipation, Rasin Bran , prune juice and lots of water.  When it gets bad try honey with luke warm water and drink it 1st thing in the morning
can't sleep, half a Tylenol pm or Benedryl
itchy skin, keep your skin moisturized is about all you can do, try not to take a long hot shower
swollen feet, keep them elevated and drink lots of water
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I haven't had all these symptoms yet...I was just throwing ideas out there. I just thought people may have their own remedies and such to help all the other pg people out...not just me!! LOL  I just read that a lot of people have the itchy skin, etc...

So far, all I've got are the queasies, the dizzies, const., and fatigue!  Heartburn every now and then, but not bad yet! :-)
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So, um, I'm totally different. I get the poops when I'm pregnant...the whole time. It's horrible. I thought the iron in the prenatals would correct it, but it doesn't. I get this w/ every pregnancy. Any recommendations?
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As for Indigestion, heartburn and gas at night. I had it really bad for a few weeks to the point of waking up and crying during hte middle of the night, it all went a way with a (how embarassing) fart.lol. I started sleeping with my top half elevated with 3 pillows, and my body pillow between my legs. Whenever I did this while laying on my right side, I didn't have to worry about the trapped gas, I can actually sleep through the night.

I need to know a helpful hint for frequent night time urination. Geez I'm tired of getting up and peeing at all times of the night.
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Adult sized diapers.
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((chuckle)) have you ever worn them? and peed? ewww. something warm and mushy.
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Nope not worn them, figured I would throw in some TGIF humor. Heck our babies do it and so can we. Also Mr. Miller from Shady Acres is quite taken with them.

Unfortunatley there is no cure for the nighttime pee sessions. Ahhh, the joys of pregnancy.
Ya know what sucks, I have bad allergies and if I sneeze a lot and real hard I pee myself. :(  Now that is embarassing. DH teases me for it.
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Harley...I swear girl, you should do stand-up! You've always got a comeback! LOL

Sha- The only thing I've been able to do (and I only get up twice a night now) is stop drinking anything at least two hours before I go to bed. I mean, I'll take a small sip of water here and there if my throat is dry, and to take my prenatal vit's...but that's it. I was getting up 4 and 5 times a night before I cut back...which was really irritating, because sometimes there would barely be anything there.

I read in a book that as long as you are getting your 8 12oz glasses of fluids during the day...it's fine to cut back at night. One of the books I read suggested getting most of your fluids in the morning/early afternoon, then slowly cut back from that point (as long as you still get your recommended daily amount of fluids, and as long as you aren't thirsty!;-).  I expect I will get up more and more as my pgcy progresses, but as long as I'm able to get at least 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I'll survive! LOL
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well, you see, w/your kind of joke made me wonder if there was some experience behind it :-)

My DH's old best friend actually wore them a couple years ago. He drank a lot and got tired of going to the bathroom when he was smashed. He described his experience of using the diapers quite well.

Now did you know that you can buy diapers for dogs that they actually wear on their butts? I found that to be quite amusing. How would they 'groom' themselves? That would be disgusting to change a doggie's diaper. One of my customers told me they buy their dogs diapers on the internet. I didn't ask where.
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