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High Fever / Constipation / Don't Know What to Do!

DS is 6 months old, and last night had a fever of 103.6, this was at 10:30 pm.  He became irritable, hot and not wanting to eat somewhere around then too, so this was all very sudden.  I called the ER and they told me unless it was over 105, not to bother coming in, just to give him Tylenol.  I did this, but he screamed, unsolable it seems, until 3:30 am when we decided to take him in.  He has been constipated for 1 week and 3, now going on 4, days.  I tried giving him Karo syrup today but it is hard to get him to eat anything.  They decided after a chest xray that he had a lung infection and prescribed amoxacillian, which we just started this afternoon.  Though, we never remember him listening to his lungs, he did check for influenza and RSV, both negative.  He is very irritable and distressed.  WE have him in just a diaper, try and feed him when he will eat... I just don't know what else I can do to make him comfortable.  I've been giving him Tylenol around the clock, and his temp is still 103, just checked it.  How long will it take for the medicine to kick in?  Tylenol doesn't seem to really help, except bring his temp down a bit and make him more comfortable.  Any help or ideas would be MOST appreciated!!!  Should I take him in to the ped doctor for a 2nd opinion?

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i would take him to your pediatrician. now that he's 6 months, your ped can tell you a dosage for motrin. if the tylenol's not bringing the fever down, your ped will probably tell you to alternate motrin and tylenol. it will be at least 24 hours before the antibiotics kick in, assuming that it's a bacterial infection.

i hope he feels better soon. i know you probably have a sleepless night ahead of you. good luck.
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105? Are they waiting for him to have a febrile seizure?
tired gave you good advice. Don't worry if he doesn't want to eat, but make sure he is getting plenty of fluids. Try some pedialyte and tepid baths. Good luck.
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What would be plenty of fluids?  He has been trying out solids, but he doesn't eat much of them, just formula.  We syringed some food in him tonight, but he only ended up getting like an ounce or two  :S  
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You might want to try glycerin suppossitories for infants for his constipation. They can be purchased over the counter.
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Can you call your pedi and talk to a doc or nurse?  I bet they could advise on the phone about how to manage the fever.  I would make sure you have motrin on hand, in case you need to give it.  Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in before the morning.  Hang in there.  
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Constipated or infrequent bm's? Big difference. Make sure you aren't treating something that isn't an issue.

Call the local walgreen's or rite-aid and get the dose for Motrin. If tylenol is not helping and your baby is over 20lbs (hell, some docs will allow it under) motrin should help. Jonathan spiked an odd, but high fever at 2 mos and the ER gave him motrin as tylenol wasn't bringing it down. It worked.

Anyway, light clothing, don't allow baby to shiver (that raises their body temp) avoid too much rubbing as fevers tend to make the skin hurt to the touch, but go along with what your little one wants. I have one who wants to be left alone when sick, the other two want momma. Cool compresses on the back of the neck or underarms, bare feet, and keep pushing formula, not solids. Eliminate those right now as fluids are priority number one right now.

And i would absolutely follow up with your pedi.
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your emergency dept sounds like a bunch of a holes to me.a fever over 100.00 should be checked out espicially an infant!!!! if you dont get him to have a bowel movement VERY soon,he could get a blockage and would need surgery!!!
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Just wondering how your little guy is today.

I'm in 6 mos. hell too.  My DS has been just miserable since starting to try solids.
He was so consitpated the one day I was in tears with him.  He was screaming and pushing so hard.  He was so freakin red I thought he'd pop a blood vessel.
This went on for about 12 hrs.

We decided to let him suck on a pedilyte popsicle and not sure if it worked or not but within 30 minutes he was in much needed relief
He finally passed it but it was hard as a rock.  

The fever would scare me too.  The alternating motrin and tylenol works wonders!

I have since backed off on all solids and went back to just breastmilk with a little formula.

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105 what the heck ER is that.  My dd had a seizure at 103.  Take him into the ER.  Dont listen to the dumb people who answer the phones.  A fever can spike within seconds.  Give Tylonel.
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Well, we might get the Motrin today and see if that helps as well.  The antibiotics seem to be working as he is still asleep- and not dead, we checked.  I am not sure if it is constipation or infrequent BMs, but I am going to go with the former as 1 week 4 days sure seems a lot to me for just infrequency.  We have successfully gave him enough Karo syrup, and he seems more interested in drinking milk than before, so hopefully he'll be feeling better soon.
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i was told at below 3 mos old anything above 98-99 is a fever...above 3 mos old anytthing above 103 is in dire need of ER...so i dunno hun i would call the ped...
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i dont know if there is any truth to this or not but i was told that constipation or diharea is a sign of dehydration?
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Tylenol may not be the right med, I usually have better luck with motrin during a fever.

Karo syrup for constipation?  Yikes, that sounds awful, I would try a suppository or even watered down juice to see if that helps.
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with the fever, i'd say give motrin a try also. as for the constipation, it is probably from dehydration and it needs to be addressed asap and not with karo syrup. the problem most likely is that the formula is adding to the constipation. when my son had a similar problem (his fever wasn't that high) - the ped. reccommended lots and lots of water and pedialyte if i could get him ot drink it. i would try that and also water down the formula as much as you can. juice won't really help if it is dehydration causing the constipation b/c you want to stay away from the sugar. def. as the dr. about the formula though. good luck. hope he feels better soon.
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So, I called the peditrician today and he said to come on in.  They were shocked the person told me 105 to go in - they said to go in at 100.5 or higher.  It turns out that he had a bacterial infection, not a lung infection, so he was admitted to the ped unit at the hospital for observation and more testing.  Been a long day... Long day.  I appreciate everyone's post.  They gave him a suppository here and it seems to look like it may work.  I don't know.  We found a lot of mold growing in the ventilation system in our rental... anyone know if this might be a cause?  I hate waiting  :S  
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I am so sorry you are going through this, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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So, we found out that Isaac had a kidney infection.  He is home and on antibiotics- thanks for the prayers and support!
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I would report the mold in writing to the landlord.  IF he does not take care of it immediately, report it to the tenacy board ask for an inspector to come.

I personally think mold is a terrrible health hazard and I hate to think of your family living near it.
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we havent had mold here and im going on 2 yrs here in may...and this yr its REALLY bad..well not that bad just on the outside walls..the windows(mind you we have plastic on them etc) but its under the sink on the outside wall...I called the health unit here and they said mold is an everyday thing and that there is mold in the air everywhere...My landlord is changing the windows and hopefully he says the insulation some spring/summer...The gov't is supposed to give him a grant..I hope so because if this keeps up he will no longer have a good apt place....that would be very unfortunate...I also mentioned this to our ped and he said most likely Cameron as well as myself are immune to it because it happens...I have a little heater in his room to help with mold growth in there...just incase...so who knows..I would definately mention it though...Oh also, my landlord lives right in the same building as me..His house is down below and my apt is upstairs...They too have been experiencing some of it this year because of all the water we have been getting...He is planning on doing alot of work this summer...I hope so because winter next year would be VERY VERY unfortunate...If nothing is done I could report it to the housing tenancy act here however we have horrible apts under housing and basically its all favorable people type of thing and if in order to move I would have to have the apt condemned for them to find me a place and the places they would probably put us in are filled with cockroaches..VERY horrible...I don't know personally I'd prefer a lil mold versus cockroaches...ewww...and at this time I dont have the means for a new -place to pay first and last rent when our market rent prices are varying 700 for a 1 bed plus utilities and 2 bed 900-1200 plus...I pay less for a 2 bedroom than a 1 bedroom is worth right now...and that's FULL market rent...
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I am glad they found out what happened..I hope your little one gets better:) you can read up on mold online..it can often cause eczema:S(which cameron has-however the ped said it was a really high year for it this year) and can cause respitory probs etc...just type in household mold you will find plenty of info:)
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Well, I did talk to the landlord and he said we could pay for the $250 test to see if it was toxic, but he wouldn't pay for it and won't do anything until he knows that it is toxic.  Needless to say, we are moving- he is a terrible landlord.  There is a lot of water leaks in the house, so this is not just an everyday problem if you know what I mean.  The house smelt when we moved in- now recognized as water damage- but I thought it was just because it hadn't been lived in for awhile.  Anyway, learned the hard way- now we know what to look for with it  :S
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Guys, recently my little one already 5 days no pooping. She has no appetite at all but she has no fever. Could it be constipation? If is really constipation how can I do in order to prevent this problem? Feel so pity to her. Please help.
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