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High Platelet Level Disease in infants

My 4 month old passed away in her sleep. She was born 5 pounds 10 ounces ate well and the dctors said she was fine. 3 weeks after her last well-baby check she was gone. At the hospital the tell me my baby had various broken bones and bruises. I of course knew of the bruises she had always bruised at the drop of a hat, but the bones are unexplained and we are the only focus on how they got there. I have done research for months and keep coming back to this disease caused by a high platelet level which they can't test her for now. What are the chances of her having the disease and the doctors missing it? As far as I know she had never had any type of bloodwork done and they couldn't test her for it during autopsey. How do I knw if she had it?
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I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your daughter.  


Here is a previous MedHelp post about high platelet count in infants.  It does not sound like it would cause the symptoms you saw.
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Thank you so much for responding to my question. I am being told now that if she had a high platelet level it would have been detected at birth, what I've read says some babies don't show signs until 6 weeks to a year. What do I do to find out what was wrong with my baby? Do you know of any other diseases that could have been over looked or blown off. Something was wrong with her, I'm dying inside and  in desprate need of help. I need to know and don't know how to find out. That's my baby how could I not have known she was in pain? Did every time I pick her up, played with her, or give her a bath was I putting her in misery? Why didn't she cry like she was hurt? She was not my first baby and different from her sister in every way. My first child I breast feed the baby I couldn't get to latch on she would just fuss at the breast. Finally, at the hospital I asked for a bottle because she wouldn't stop crying. They acted like she was just sore from the rough delivery. The doctor said they could only tell me the fractures were older than 7 days. Can they not tell exactly when they occured and if they occured in the womb? Are newborns tested for a platelet count at birth? I thank you for your time with this, please try to help me I need to know.

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