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High Progesterone Level=Pregnant?

A little history...I have been on Clomid for the past 5 months.  I started at 50 mg and had my progesterone level checked at month 3, where I was only at .5 ng.  My doctor increased my dosage to 100 mg and had my progesterone level checked again, which is where we are now.

I called to get my test results and was told that my progesterone level is at 50.3 ng, which may indicate pregnancy.  I was told to take a home pregnancy test, which I took 2 and both read negative.  

I was wondering if high level of progesterone is a definate indication to pregnancy or could it be caused by other reasons?  Also, if it indicates preganacy, why does both my tests read negative?

I'd appreciate any information.....

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progesterone always rises after you have ovulated, it will drop a day before you get your cycle, if you are late there is a good chance you are PG, not every ones gets a + right away, maybe you ovulated late causing the egg to implant later then expected , if you are a week or so late it should come up, a blood test is always more accurate if its early =)

good luck
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Thanks for your answer.  I suppose to start my period today but I'm not always regular so I'll wait and take another test in a couple of days.
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good luck, and keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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High progesterone level doesn't indicate pregnancy. My progesterone was 140.9 this month, which gave me a huge hope. But unfortunately, i am having my period again:(
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