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Holy freakin heartburn!

I'm a post hogger today! Sorry!

I am just curious.....is it normal to have such horrendous heartburn this late in pregnancy?! I can not lay down on my back even when propped by lots of pillows. Laying on my side is also nearly impossible. I just get this terrible hearbutn and awful, awful chest pains! I feel like someone's blowing up a balloon behind my ribcage......and baby Max is much lower than that!

I've just read so much about how when baby drops the heartburn tends to stop somewhat. So why is mine getting 100x worse?

Sorry.....I'm such a big whiner!
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Tomorrow is your last day to worry about it:)
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Yeah I know! :) It's just awful. I feel like it's almost beyond heartburn and something that will hurt him. I know that sounds totally stupid....what else could it possible be? lol
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My nurses kept asking me if I had heart burn every time they came to see me when I was in the hospital, so maybe it means something?
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old wives tale I'm sure - I've always heard that if you have lots of heartburn, your little one will be born with lots of hair - sounds like you are due to give birth to Crystal Gayle - congrats on that - lol
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I have it so bad right now and I am only 31 wks. Doesnt matter what I eat, but my midwife told me to eat a filbert nut (also known as hazel nuts) before you eat something. I guess it is something in the oils that eases it. I havent done it yet because everytime I am at the store I forget. It will be over soon
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lol I've always heard that too! But my cousin's kid looked like King Kong when she was born because she had some much hair....and my cousin said she's never experienced heartbutn in her life! LOL It probably will be the opposite  of the wives tale and he'll be a little baldy. (Following in the steps of both his mommy and daddy as babies!) Crystal Gayle! How funny!

Cheyenne....it means our bodies have been invaded by tiny little aliens, I think! :) I never even knew what heartburn was til this little guy came along! And since you know Dr. Wonderful so well...lol...when do you think I should call there tomorrow? He told me just to give the office a call on Wednesday if I hadn't gone into labor yet. If I call too early, I'll be annoying. But if I call too late he won't feel like p*ssing with me and will tell me just to come in Thursday morning. So I'm thinking shortly before lunch???????
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Hmmm! Never have heard of that....I've been eating tums like candy lately and they aren't doing a darn thing! I won't be going to the store before I deliver, but I will definitely keep that in mind if this doesn't subside after delivery!! Thanks for the info!!
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Shot hun I'd call first thing in the morning!  My bf had to be induced and they told her to call the hospital at 5AM!  So call him early if you want to!
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i have it too so bad the acid comes up into the throat, that must be why my throat has been hurting.  its almost over, and really you wont have to worry about it again !!
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I have been getting pain in my chest and heartburn too.its like I cant even breathe!!! So maybe its a good sign for both of us!!! However, I still have 13 days left =( =( =( Good luck!
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hearturn was the worst part of the pregnancy with me last time....i swear i got heartburn from tums, but i think its perfectly normal, he cant stay in there much longer, i know thats no cure for your heartburn right now.....but i remember as soon as i had my dd the first thing i said was "Im not pregnant!!" and the second was "wow my heartburn is GONE!"

i think the last 10 days i was pregnant with taylor i drank 2 whole bottles of malox, not so sure if i was suposed to, but i thought i was going to die

something to look forward to if you plan on having more babies......i havent had heartburn nearly as bad this time around, im close to 31 weeks, with taylor i could swear the heartburn started when the egg implanted :)    (i say this now, in a few weeks i will be posting about heartburn from hell im sure...**knocking on wood as i speak**)
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oh and for the having lots of hair thing, taylor was born with a full head full of beautiful blonde curls, so maybe its true, i always thought blonde babies were born bald lol but shes 18 months old now and still has about as much hair as she did when she was born...it just doesnt want to grow!

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