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How big is too big for a toddler??

OKay, so I was just wondering what your toddlers are weighing in at. My son is 17 months and went through about
3-4 months without gaining or losing any weight and then while I was preggo and put on bedrest, he gained 3-4 pounds within a month. (probably stress related as I couldn't take care of him like I wanted to) Is this normal? He weighs about 33 or 34 pounds right now. He's a big boy but doesn't look overweight. He's about the size of most 3 year olds. I always get comments like oh he is 2 or 3? I'm like he's not even 18 months! I'm sure people look at him and expect him to act older and talk more, but he's still such a baby! =) And this has been going on for months! He only eats 3 meals a day, and maybe one snack in between (usually fruit). Only drinks milk at bedtime and has water during the day. Sometimes I add some juice in with his water. My husband is about 6'1" and I'm 5'8" so we are not small. I was big as a baby as well, but I looked overweight! lol. I was so chunky. Thankfully I did eventually thin out around 2 or 3. Today I had Jeremiah outside running around playing and I just want him to get more exercise. I was also running with him so I can lose all this baby weight.
I was just wondering if he is in a normal range or not? and how much activity or exercise should he be getting everyday? With a newborn, it's hard to get outside like I want to because it is getting colder out now. I am always so worried about his weight. What do you think?
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He is a big boy, but he is a cutie!!!!   I cant really help you out much, but I can tell you that my Daughter just turned one and is about 25 pounds, plus she is off the charts for her height.....she also doesnt really eat very much.  Maybe a yogurt or apple sauce for breakfast....grilled cheese or eggs for lunch....usually a graudtaes meal or whatever we eat for dinner....if she has snacks its like gerber puffs or cheerios or a banana or something.....and she never gets more then like 3-4oz of juice a day....so I dont really know.  DH is like 6'2 and I am 5'6.....sorry not much help just thought I would share, lol.
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He is a big boy, but looks to be in proprtion, which (according to my doc) is the important thing.  My son is 3.5 and weighs 32 pounds, and HE seems big for his age, to me! LoL
Anyway, I'd bet Jeremiah's in the top/99th percentile for height and weight, but i wouldn't be too concerned.  They go thru a period from around 2-3 when they gain very little, so it'll all balance out.
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My 16 mo old is about 26 lbs and is not fat at all. I think you are right on track ;)
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I wouldn't worry about it...he doesn't look over weight....you also have to consider his height too.    I've gotten the comments like you do about my youngest 3.  Especially Gabe...he is 14 months and weighs 28 lbs 8 oz...but he's tall too.  The doc said he's probably going to outgrow his brother and sisters and possibly even his dad (who is 6' 1")  People are amazed when I say he is only 14 months.  I wouldn't worry about it.  
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My 16 mos. old DD is already 33 inches and 26 lbs.  My 8 year old DS was 25 lbs at 6 mos. and also very tall.  He is now one of the shorter and smaller ones in his class.  Point being they all grow at different rates and they all seem to end up about the same regardless.  Don't worry!
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Thanks everyone! And yes he is tall! I will have to measure him today, but the last time he was measured he was 35 inches and that was in July. I'm sure he is even taller now. My MIL said he looks like he is thinning out but he still weighs the same, so maybe he has grown taller. At birth he 8lbs 4oz and 20 in. and 2 weeks early. My other son was almost a month early and 7lbs 2oz and 17 3/4 in. Big height difference. We'll see!! I will try not to worry unless he gains an insane amount of weight in a short period. He is so heavy though for not even being two!! I don't even need to lift weights to stay in shape, I can just try to carry him all day. lol.
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Girl please, it's not like you had a small baby.  I too am 5'8" and Richie is 6'1" and our son was born at 9 lbs 2 oz. and 21 1/4 in. long.  So I know what a big boy is to.  He is now almost 2 years old and he weighs 28 lbs. and is 36 in. long.  He's always been in the 90th percentile of height and weight but based on how he started it's normal.  Jeremiah is fine.
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They do slow down sometimes also.  I just had to add that.  They still go through their growth spurts so Jeremiah might go through a period where he doesn't gain as much.  
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lol Jezi I know. He didn't start out small!! haha. I guess I am just worried he will all of a sudden be obese or something. He eats normal and mostly healthy, but I still worry. I saw this little girl the other day in the store and she couldn't have been any older than 3, but she was very obese and I felt so sad for her. No 3 year old should have to struggle to walk.  :(
He is definitely a little chunky,   but not too bad I guess. lol. He's so active and never sits still so I imagine he will thin out eventually.
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Sweetie, I bet the mother feeds her a bunch of c r a p and she probably gets no exercise.  I don't see you doing that with Jeremiah at all.  He will be just fine.  
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Brayden just turned 17 months and he weighs 22.8 lbs.
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Thanks girls! I will try not to worry so much. I'm sure he will even out soon enough..hopefully. :)
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my son is two months shy of turning 3 and is 3 foot 6 and 48 pounds his dad and i are both average 5'6 and 5'9 i guess we just got a big boy he is in sixe 5t and 6t and he has always been big for his age im always and have always been getting comments baout are youyr sure hes only two and things like that we even had to get a cat scan done at 9 months because his head was so big and growing quickly but it came back normal!
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