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How can I help his skin clear up?

My one month old's face looks terrible.  He's got baby acne and I really don't know how to handle it.  DD was born with clear skin and never had this problem.  Do I do something or does it go away on its own?  I bathe him with Aveeno baby shampoo.  I try to keep his face clean throughout the day.  What did you do to help your little one's acne?  Thanks in advance
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Unfortunately, there is not much you can do, but let it run it's course. A change in hormones causes the oil glands to become productive and in turn you get baby acne. It usually takes several weeks for it to clear up. When my daughter had it, my pedi told me to just use plain water...no soaps and hers cleared up in about 3 weeks.
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I heard that putting a little breast milk on it helps.  Weird, I know, but several people have recommended it for skin issues.
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I just spoke to my sister, and she told me the same thing.  I was surprised as well to hear it.
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One of my sons had it pretty bad as a baby.  I was told to try Cetaphil lotion on it, no soap at all.  It worked, but then again...if you do nothing, it may  also clear on its own.  As others have said, it clears up on its own eventually.
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My daughter did not have real bad baby acne, but I used aquafore, and it worked wonders.  She is a little over a year now and I still use it for rashes on her face.  Give it a try.
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It will go away soon on its own.
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my ds is 5.5 weeks, and he had the acne really bad also. all over his face, even some of his scalp. i never had it with dd so i was unsure as to how to clear it. i took him to his ped, and she prescribed hydrocortisone 1% twice daily. i read online that i shouldnt use soap to wash his face, and it'll clear on its own, but to me it seemed like it was getting worse. she recommended baby aveeno products and said that i should wash his face with soap & water. the same day i got home, washed his face with the aveeno soothing relief wash, then applied the cream she prescribed, and i noticed a change within hours. it got 90% better overnight. i guess the cream sped up the process because he's now acne free, and its only been 3 days.
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I used antibiotic ointment on the small flaws that would appear for Nadezdha.  Nothing super strength and not often (usually 1 or two applications cleared things up).  
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My son had something going on with his skin at about one month also.  To me it looked more like a rash than acne.  When I called the dr they said it probably was ance tho.  His entire cheeks were red and rashly looking.  No white heads or anything.  And his skin felt so dry and leathery.  It was sad. I think it took about a week or so to clear up.  Now he is fine.

I also started putting all this clothes, bedding and basically anything that is his through an extra rinse cycle.  
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My ds had it really bad to.  I was scared that he was allergic to my dog.  It turned out to be baby acne.  Really it just has to go away on it's own.  I just kept his face clean with plain water and it seemed to help.  It cleared up in a few weeks.
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