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How far along am i REALLY? & question about ultrasounds results

This is my FIRST pregnancy ---The first day of my last period: 10-2-09.

Went to the ER yesterday 11-16-09 stating that I am 6 weeks 3 days pregnant....
with some slight cramping and light brown discharge 1-2 days (very light, hardly noticeable)
I am assuming 6 weeks b/c of all these "online calculators" -- hmm how does this calculation work/accuracy?? :/

In the ER they did two ultrasounds- external and transvaginal- and said they see a sac but no yolk but that im definitely NOT 6 weeks! much sooner than that (per doc) but they couldnt tell me what week....thats most likely why the yolk cant be seen at this point.... why does all online calculations say im 6 weeks and the doc said absoutly not, im MUCH sooner...

They said my HCG level is 10,809.  This is good... but isnt that the norm for 5-6 weeks?!?! and if so, if i am 5-6 weeks (which the doc says im NOT) shouldnt u see the yolk?  or am i just looking into this too deeply??

Sex was *consecutively* Oct. 15-to-20th.  So it happened sometime upto the 20th and maybe 3 days after that if ovulation was a little late.  The ER doc wrote a script for BHCG and title it "threatened miscarriage"  ...what?? you just said it was probably too early to see the sac??

He also said that I have bloodtype "O-" or rh negative  .... so once i miscarry or deliver the baby i have to get a shot so that the next time i get pregnant my body wont see the baby as an infection and attack it.  WHAT?! lol... REALLY?? this is soo much at once.  He said its nothing to worry about, its not bad, its just a blood type.  

IN DESPERATE NEED OF SOME INSIGHT or words or wisdom!!! :/ .... i dont even know how far along i am?!?!?
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ok calm down and take a deep breeth. Better?? Ok , now as far as how far along you are . You could have ovulated later than those online calculaters say so there for are not as far along as you think, plus early us are great for giving you an EDD and all but early on you wont see much so dont fret. Im sorry your doctor was a dink . Ok now the blood type question- Im -o also and usually around 28 weeks I get a shot of  RhoGam (not sure o the spelling) and also at the end after delivery if my baby has a diffrent type than me. This shot they give you is a life saver this day in age becuase why back when they never had it and lots of babies and mothers died giving birth. Try to stay calm (I know its hard)  It is not 100% sure that you are going to miscarry, stupid doctor, But if you do miscarry I dont think it would be from your blood type. Good luck!
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thanks for your words :)  ... "dink" doctor, love it! lol... he totally was, and he left the room before i asked all the questions I had, and it wasnt even busy in the ER (it was a community hospital) ..I hope it is just too early!!! I want this baby veryy badly!! :) :)
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