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How long after your baby started "cruising" did they walk?

Aubree started crawling about a month ago and the very next day she started pulling herself up on things and walking along them ( like the couch)... i was just wondering how long after that did it take your child to walk? .. i know every child is different ... i was just wondering and wanted some personal experience..

And another question can a baby walk if they can't crawl or pull themselves up on things? a friend of mine has a baby girl who is 6 months old and she is trying to tell me that lily is starting to walk... i dunno if she is just being competive ( some moms are like that)  because she told me this the same day i told her that aubree could pull herself up on to things , stand and cruise.
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Yes, they sure can walk without crawling.  My dd started to sit up on her own around 4 months then she never stopped - she pulled herself up one day on to the couch and it was that very same week that she went from the couch to the loveseat - she was only 7 months old - it was crazy.  Of course during the time I would let her walk holding her hands so she did know what walking was - but at 7 months she did it on her own.  She did not crawl until around 10 months.  

She started to crawl one day and I had to go grab the video camera and everyone was like what is the big deal she already walks. I said she never crawled before :)

Now she is is 22 months old and does not let me put her in a stroller it is a nightmare - I am currently 7 months pregnant and I I am not teaching my new baby how to walk until he starts school. haha
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this baby can barely sit up on her own and she doesnt pull herself up on things.. so im skeptical.. i think she was just being a competive mom... the ped told me that aubree should walk between 9 months -15 months well she is almost 10 months now...

when i say walking i mean walking on their own without holding on to anything..  just to clarify.. aubree will zoom around the couch and loveseat and even go from the loveseat to the end table which is like 2 feet in between..  but she can not walk unassisted .. i think its her balance.. shes very very wobbly.. and usually falls forward or backwards
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Sounds like she will be just taking off one day when you least expect it - if she is going from one thing to the other without holding on she is going to get those feet moving across the living room in no time.  I think most babies start around 11-12 months.  My crazy baby was super early and it was not fun - once they start walking they will not sit still in any of the 100 little seats you have laying around.

I would think that if a baby cannot pull herself up on something she would not be able to walk because how would she get started?  That mom may be saying she is walking meaning she is holding her hands while she walks.  Some mom's are crazy when it comes to comparing their kids - Tell her Aubree can count to 3 and see if her baby counts to 5 and there will be your answer. hahahaha

My daughter walked early but crawled late.  She talked early but did not get teeth until she was one.  She seems to be potty training early but I am not rushing her so we will see......

I am telling you - my next baby will be born on June 1st and I am not pushing those feet to walk early - its a nightmare :)

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My son started crawling at 6 months and pulling up and cruising shortly after.  He is now 13 months and still not walking unsupported.  He has a classmate who is the same age (two weeks apart), this other boy started crawling months after my son but started full walking within a month after that.  This other boy is much bigger/thicker and was not nearly as efficient of a crawler.  I think that makes a big difference... my son is a very efficient crawler so he doesn't have a lot of motivation to walk.... he also doesn't have any older siblings.  
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My DD starting crawling at 6 months, pulling herself up at 7 months and didn't walk till 13 months.
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My youngest was ridiculously fast with everything...I think she was crawling by 5 months and pulling herself up by 9 months and was walking, all on her own, in like one day by 10 months. She is 15 months now, and she is so fast, it is almost hard to catch her sometimes, she practically runs! It is awkward, because there are other babies her age around us that that are not even walking on their own yet, but dd has been doing it now for 5 months..

My oldest took a little longer, She was pulling herself up to furniture and walking along it by 9 months but didn't walk on her own (or take her first steps) until around her 1st birthday.
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My dd was cruising furniture at 9 months and didn't officially walk alone until 16 months. I wasn't sure if she ever would walk... But now she is 20 months and walks everywhere. So who knows. My son was cruising furniture by 10 months and walked alone by 12 months probably more on the average curve.
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18 month old baby is not walking, She is more wait, now arround 18 kg, She is sitting by her own by past one month. If we hold she can stand for some minutes...thats all
Even she is not crawling yet.But she is very happy n active always. Even i have consulted some famouse physician...but still as a father had some kind of feeling inside.
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