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How long can you freeze breast milk for?

Well - the post pretty much says it all!  I am just wondering how long breast milk can be frozen for.  Does it go "bad" eventually?  And if it does - how would you know if frozen breast milk is bad?
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One to three months in a freezer compartment of a frig.

2-6 months in a deep freeze, chest style freezer.

I am assuming it would smell bad if it was too old.

I personally never froze any for longer than 3 weeks.
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Here in the UK, advise says 3 months.
I used to use mine up well before than though! I wasn't great with a breast pump...lol

Ruth xx
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This is what La Leche League recomend:

This information is based on current research and applies to mothers who:

have healthy, full-term babies;
are storing their milk for home use (as opposed to hospital use);
wash their hands before expressing;
use containers that have been washed in hot, soapy water and rinsed.
All milk should be dated before storing.
Storage Guidelines
Storing milk in 2-4 ounce amounts may reduce waste. Refrigerated milk has more anti-infective properties than frozen milk. Cool milk in refrigerator before adding to frozen milk.

Human milk can be stored

at room temperature (66-72
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thank you so much!  i am trying to make plans/figure out what i'm going to do once this little one if born...and it was suggested that i try to pump extra and freeze it for when i go back to work.

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