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How long does implantation bleeding last

It has been 14 days since the start of my last period. The last few days I've had a darker, brownish-discharge that only shows up when I wipe - nothing requiring a pad. I don't know if I'm getting another period (which would be abnormally soon after the last one) or if this is implantation bleeding? I don't know if implantation bleeding is one day and then it is gone, or if it could be several days like I've been experiencing. Anyone know? Thanks! (and if it IS another period - if I should go to the Dr. - or wait it out to see if wierdness happens next month too. I'm normally fairly regular - sometimes shorter cycles - but not 14 days - sheesh). Thanks!
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I've been reading these blogs and one thing has caught my attention.  Many of you who are not married, having UNPROTECTED sex, not on any birth control what-so-ever are scared to death that you might be pregnant. Like it's a shocker!  Given the fact that I know what it feels like to be in the heat of the moment, why in the world would you open your legs and not know the consequences?
In this day in age there are millions of unwanted pregnancies especially with teens and late teens.  So many women undergo abortion and do damage to the body, not to mention killing a would be baby so that in later time when you want to start a family it may be difficult to do so from scarring.  One night of absolute passion, lust or teen love without protection = possible infection, disease or pregnancy.  
I am a mom of a five year old boy and again trying for another for the last couple of years.  I tried for 8 years to have my five year old after being married. It was a shocker that it happened after trying so long, but well worth the wait.  If your not mentally and physically prepared for pregnancy or financially for that matter then the life of being single, young and somewhat carefree has turned to single, pregnant, bodychanging, hard working and having someone depend on YOU for the rest of your life.  Mind you, I'm not financially stable then and now, my husband and I both work and I know that when I opened my legs I knew the outcome and I had family for support if I ever needed it.  Besides, you just can't pawn off your child(ren) to grandma or aunty so you can get another glimpse of the nightlife and possibly get prego again. What's amazing to me is that the media and hollywood make pregnancy look like a fashion and they are the worst role model for young ladies.  Um, hello?.....Britney, now her sister?  I'm surprised Paris isn't prego yet.  
Most teens are scared to death of their parents when they find out their pregnant and the self esteem they once had practically was thrown out the window when their school and friends find out about the situation.  It's so sad that us women have lost respect for our bodies at such an early age for a night of SEX only to find out that the boyfriend may scram when he finds out your prego and even if he sticks around, you guys have to work your butts off to buy diapers and formula weekly and possibly a nice big medical bill. Not to mention, food on the table necessites for the baby and for the mom.  
Ladies if you don't like the feel of condoms, get birth control so that you don't have to worry about wondering if your going to get pregnant soon after sex.  Please bare in mind that if you have sex, diseases are real and either you or your boyfriend are not spic and span if you had sex prior with someone else.  So the outcome of unprotection = pregnancy or possible disease (it may take a while to show a positive test for HIV)  RESPECT YOUR BODIES. :)
Now, I'm not going to bag on just the teens.  The married and/or the not married kind with money who are parents who are work-a-holics have no time for their kids because they constantly work or have something better to do than to share family time.  I was browsing through the internet one night and was beside myself when there are families who want to hire a nanny or a babysitter to cook, bathe, help with homework, take to and from school, love, support, play, take to activities as if they are the other mom.  This is wrong.  If you don't have time to raise a family or a child and are a work-a-holic, then stick to it.  Don't plan a family if you can't be there for THEM.  Children make a bond with the person(s) who gives them the time of day and night, love, support, smiles, laughter, role model on how to respect people and not material things.  Just because you give them a roof over their head isn't enough.
No, I'm not angry just putting my point of view out there.  Have a nice day.
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If anyone gets back on this forum after they post it would be nice if they posted whether or not they actually were pregnant so people reading can get an idea.  My situation: I switched to a low dose bcp this month.  I told the Dr. that I'm not the most timely at taking the pill and she assured me it wasn't that sensitive- a few hours range was fine.  My last active pill is in 2 days but about 4-5 days ago I began having uterine cramping and very, very, very faint spotting (maybe 1 drop/day only when whipe).  It's the light pink/ brown alternating pattern. The cramping hasn't stopped.  I've also been extremely emotional.  I usually have extremely sore breasts (fibrocystic changes) but this time only sore near the axilla (armpitt) area.  I'm trying to decide if it is a wacky pms from the new bcp or pregnancy.  EPT in the mail so I'll take it when it arrives.  My husband and I would be fine with whatever the outcome but still weren't planning on ttc for another year or so into the marriage.  
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I agree with txmd2b tell us what happened!  I just had a baby 6 1/2 weeks ago and when I got pregnant with him i had implantational bleeding if that helps, I was supposed to get my period and I spotted for like 2 days light pink then brown and it didn't last i felt kinda queasy and so i took a test after waiting another week to see if my period would come and it was positive.

But I have a question, I bled after he wa born up until 5 weeks and i just barely stopped then my bf and I had unprotected sex twice, one time he pulled out.  then at 6 weeks post partum we had unprotected sex again, I went to my check up and DR did the exam saying there's no way to tell when you can get pregnant after birth again, but now i've been spotting dark brown lightly barely needing a pad again, could this be my period?  aggrivation from the checkup?  or could I be pregnant again?
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Well, since I did suggest we write back with our "resolutions" here it goes: NOT pregnant.  AF should come in the next few day or so but I took test (should be accurate by now) and negative.  I guess my body is just trying to adjust to this mini-pill- I'll give it one more month to regulate out.  So I guess everything is still "as planned."

SilverCheer- I have no idea what the answer to your question is (maybe I'll get some insight in my ob/gyn rotation coming up).  There is a pill that is safe for women to take while breast feeding so you might want to ask your dr about that.  It sounds like your bf is having enough trouble getting into gear and helping you out (I read the note you posted). Good luck!
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Hello Every one I am Married, I have a daughter and my Husband has a son. I have hyad the same problem with my bleeding, I thought it was a menstruel but nothing for a pad, It appears to me as though you bleed only when pising and whiping. But pad is invisible or slightly stained. I Am experienceing it right now as we speak, I do not believe it is a menstruel. one moment it is light, one moment it is, medium and for 2 seconds it can be dark. It has no oder. I believe what we are going threw is Implantation Bleeding, Or abnormal cycle because we were suppose to get a period. Its acting like it wants to come, but the flow is not heavy enough for a pad. I took a prego test b4 I was bleeding it was negative. We shall wait 6 days after the bleeding stops to take another 1 ladys.
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Is there a difference between spotting brown discharge and implantation bleeding? it sounds like the same thing to me. i have been having brown, mucus-like discharge am i likely to be pregnant?

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