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How long?

I have a friend that wants to know how long usually do your breasts stay sore as a sign of pregnancy? Is it throughout the pregnancy, or several weeks early in the pregnancy?
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My sore breasts lasted about 12 weeks after I found out I was pregnant, then not much in 2nd trimester and I believe that once you are getting ready to have the baby they start getting sore again to produce milk.
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Yep, it was about the same for me. Most of the first trimester. I think around 10 weeks they started feeling better.
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I think mine were sore for longer, but there are differences in soreness.  The kind where my husband couldn't hug me or I would yell was most noticeable around the beginning and at the end of the pregnancy.  The kind where the cat couldn't step on the breast with his hard little foot when he walked on the bed at night, or I would yell, lasted all throughout the pregnancy.
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