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How maney?

How maney of you just have boys? and is it enough or do you wish you had a girl? I have 2 wonderful boys 5&6 but I cant help but to feel I am missing out on something not having a girl? for all you that have boys and girls what Iam i missing if I cant ever have a baby girl? It makes it really hard nowing that I will never have another baby. :(
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Well I can fill you in on what you are NOT missing with my teen girls (: I have four girls and I'm about to have my second son. Little girls are fun to dress, dance class, paint nails, do hair...you know, girl stuff (: But...IMO, they are much more dramatic, emotional, moody and like I said, wait until they are teens then you will wish you had all boys! (: There are bonuses to both. I have also not raised a boy past the age of two yet so I might be in for a challenge there, too. I'm just speaking from my experience so far. My oldest daughter is almost 18. I have an almost 16 year old and a 12 and 10 year old. They are a handful but I do enjoy our trips to go shopping, or playing with each others hair or make up.
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MichelleKatyTx has FIVE girls. Ask her what her experiences have been as well. She has an older son too so she may be able to have a little more experience with an older boy than I do.
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Oh oh oh....I am right there with you! I have two boys and I am pregnant with our 3rd(dont know the sex yet) And this will be our last!! I have wanted a girl since we were pregnant with out first. And if this one is a boy also I just wonder if I will not feel complete, because I want a girl so bad. I love all the little girl stuff that I come a cross, and to think if I am missing out on anything.......because I feel like I am...
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I'll be honest with you- I had four boys and my dream was to have a girl. I felt incomplete without her, but I also accepted whatever God gave me. When I had my girl, I was overjoyed. We're expecting again and I'd love another daughter, although I'd be ok too if it was a boy- I am just so thankful to at least have one girl and I'm having the time of my life buying dresses, pink things and dolls! I do think that if this is a desire for you and you really can afford it and would feel incomplete without it, that you always could investigate different routes (i.e.adoption).
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I only had boys.  I never tried again after my second one, for fear I'd have another.
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I have one son and I'm pregnant with my second, but don't know what it is yet (I find out Sep 14). Quite honestly, I would like to have another son because the thought of raising a daughter kinda scares me because I'm such a tomboy myself, and my whole life, I've been able to relate better with boys.
I grew up with three sisters, and I was definitely the least girly of any of them. To this day, I still HATE wearing dresses, makeup, heels, fancy jewelry, almost anything with some kind of floral design, and PINK. I have like, three pink shirts, lol.
When I look at little girl stuff in the stores, it's so hard to find anything with no dang pink on it. And all the ruffles and frilliness that goes with girl stuff like feathery fluffs on the toes of shoes and lacey ruffles around the hems and wrists of clothes--bleh! And the toy aisles for girls...it's like an assualt of neon and baby pink, lol!
So what I have an uneasiness about when it comes to having a girl is gosh, my little girl will most likely be just like every other little girl and love pink and other girly stuff--and really, that is a wonderful thing, and I don't want the way I feel about that stuff to ever get in the way of who she is (if she is a she) and who she wants to be. But I just feel like I may never be able to relate to her and enjoy the all the girly-girly things that she might.
But if I do have a girl this time around, I'm totally ready to welcome her into my life and set aside how I feel about floofy perfumey pink stuff and do all I can to enjoy her for who she is and who she becomes (and hope that she can have a hint of tomboy in her, too). But yes, I will admit...I'll be more relieved than anything if this one turns out to be a boy--so far, I have LOVED raising my son! It would be wonderful to have another one!
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I have two boys and one girl. I can totally relate to what Jenstam said! Girls are much harder during their teen years to raise but you know what? My daughter put us through the wringer from about age 13-16 but has really grown up this last year! She has completely made a turn around and we are now pretty close. We talk more than my oldest boy and I do. I love all my kids equally but I do see the differences.
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April-you are so right. 13-16 is VERY difficult. My 17 year old finally has settled down and is turning into a nice young woman who I can enjoy again. My 15 year old will be 16 in a few weeks and MAN...EVERY day I wish I could slap her! (of course, I don't;) She just KNOWS EVERYTHING and the eye rolling and running down to her room slamming her door and PMS is LOVELY let me tell you! I can't wait until she settles. Before my girls were teens I had a lady that told me the exact same thing. From about 13-16 they are H E L L but then it gets better. So far, she was right! I don't even get a break before my 12 year old gets there. Well, she's starting already!
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Lol, well I guess we just have to hang on for the ride! It's a crazy roller coaster ride but it does end eventually!
Now, this is not to say boys don't go through stuff too. I think 14 was the worst age for both my son and daughter. My son just didn't get as wordy as my daughter. He also didn't get in as much trouble as her! Her mouth always got her into trouble, lol.
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Thank you every body. we have thought about trying IVF but its 20,000 $ and what if it didnt work thats alot of money that we really dont have and the same with getting my tubes untied what if it doesnt work theres 15,000 $ again we really dont have. and Iam scared to adopt we were supposta adopt a little girl aug,1st, 2007 but at the last min the birth mother changed her mind, Iam still sad It still makes me cry from time to time. we even had her name picked out "Devlynn noel" we even got to see her and hold her before it all was lost, and I guess what makes it even harder I still have all the baby stuff we bought for her and I dont want to get ride of it.      

                                      thanks for responding :)  
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Before I had my oldest, I wanted a girl really bad.. there was a part of me that was disappointed when I found out he was a boy but I embraced the idea and totally fell in love when he arrived.  I just delived my second son and also won't be having any more children.  I am 100% happy about having two boys.  I hope they are close and the best of friends.  Admittedly it would be nice to have a little mini-me, but I look forward to having to little boys.  
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I have a girl (19 yr old) and 2 boys (12 yrs old and 15 mo) I will say that with both there are both trials and tribulations..lol I am so proud of each of them for different reasons and I could also wring each ones neck for different reasons also. It seems to me that my daughter was less dramatic then my 12 yr old son then she was his age. She was carefree, was independent, but then got this little wild side to her for a short period of time then did a complete turn around. Now with my son.. ahhhh!!!! There are times I could really scream! He wants a bike... he doesn't like it, he HAS to have this bike.. he doesn't like it... He wants to play this in band, he doesn't like it.. he wants a computer, no he would rather have a drum set.. And with the whole "girl friend/boy friend thing".. I would have to say I LOVED it more so when my daughter was going through it! She didn't like boys in any other way then just friends. She had a lot of guy friends, but never "boy crazy". Now with my son who is only in the 6th grade.. we have been fighting with him about it for 3 years now! THREE YEARS!!! ugh! I could seriously keep him locked up in the bedroom and he would surely find a way out! When my daughter was his age, if I had done that (which I never would..lol) she would figure out what to do in there by herself!

I am hoping that Brayden is if nothing more, a smooth even mixture between the 2!
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I have two girls.  They are wonderful, sweet, drama queens! I love them to pieces! But I understand, because I feel like I am missing out that I have no boys, to the point it almost brings me to tears to see a little boy.  I love my girls, but I have that missing piece.
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Iam the the same way I when I see little girls or girl stuff It makes me want to cry.
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I hate that you feel that way, but part of me feels better, like I'm not alone in feeling that way! I don't know how to get over it, b/c it doesn't look like I'll get a boy and I am going to have to heal the hurt somehow.
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Tanker Chick, there's no guarantee that you'd have a "mini me" when you have a girl! That's what I thought too, but my daughter is much more like her dad. She even looks more like him.
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Jenstam, April- are you sure that girls are difficult only when they're teens???  DD is only 3 and is sooooo moody already.  I always say "I won't survive the teen years"...sigh
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Here is what I found (I have a girl and a boy)
Girls-moody, develop faster verbally (on average), fun to shop for (I must admit that I enjoy buying cute girl outfits more)
Boys- more active (physical), aggressive, easy going

That's what I noticed with my kids, anyway.  Some may disagree.
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I have 2 girls an 1 boy. My 11 yr old is very developed for her age (boobs and started her period this year). She is a sweet girl but VERY VERY emotional. She gets her feelings hurt with a drop of a hat. At the same time, i know she would never ever hurt anyone on purpose.
My 8 yr old daughter is a TOM BOY deluxe..lol But she is more of a teen than my oldest. She already rolls her eyes, say WHAT!? and has a smart mouth ((I TOTALLY blame her dad...lol)))
My 18 month old son is a different breed...lol  He's soooo quiet, independent and climbs onto EVERYTHING. I can tell his personality is going to be my way or the high way..lol

Every kid is differernt whether a boy or girl.
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I understand how it feels to have that 'missing piece'.  Except in my case I am like alikat...I have a 3 year old DD and another girl on the way.  I am sad that I will never get to have a boy and experience those 'boy' things.  We are done after this 2nd baby so we'll be a house of estrogen (poor DH!) for the next 18 years!  LOL!  

BTW - I teach jr. high so I am already dreading those 'wonderful' years...wow that age group is D-R-A-M-A!  :)  
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i am lucky, i have 1 daughter and 2 sons, i love my kids dearly but my daughter is 4 going on 18 i swear! my 2 boys are so laid back and chilled, so different from my daughter. my husband and i are ttc baby number 4, our last, i have no real preference for either, but...would love another boy for how easy they are to deal with, and a little girl for company for my daughter. a healthy baby is the main thing though and i have to say if i had ended up with 4 boys or 4 girls i would have been just as happy after all we went through to get our children. x
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I have 2 boys and am ttc again. I would LOVE to have a girl because I am sooo out numbered at home. I also know that I would LOVE to have another boy too, my boys are just so sweet and lovable, I adore them. Part of me feels like I wouldn't know what to do with a girl if I did have one ;-)  Not too mention that I have every thing I need for another boy!
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Iam also out numberd my dog and cat are also boys.
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