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How many c-sections are dangerous?

I am scheduled to have a c-section on 12-31-05.  This will be number 3.  I was talking to my doctor about birth control.  I was thinking about the copper IUD and then in about 4 years - having one more child.  
My doctor said that 4 c-sections would be dangerous and would be a health risk.  He said that if I was his wife he would have me tie my tubes.

What do you think?  Should I wait the 4 years and try again?  Or is it really that dangerous that I shouldn't have any more kids.
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The risk is whatever you are willing to accept.  After 3 c/sections, there is some thinning of the uterine scar.  With each advancing pregnancy, the scar gets thinner and thinner.  

But--no one can tell you for sure how many is too many.  I've seen women having their 4th or 5th without problems.  I've also seen (as recently as last month) a woman who had only 1 previous section come in for a repeat section and she already had an opening in her scar (called a "window").  A window is not per se dangerous unless it widens or tears beyond the confines of the scar, but again--that can happen and no one can really predict it.  That is a catastrophe that could result in grave injury or death.

So--know that you are at higher risk of a uterine rupture that could be a harmless "window" or something more dangerous.  How much risk is what no one can tell you.  If you badly want more children, you might be willing to chance it.  If you are so so on the issue, you might not.  

Good luck to you.  You don't need to do anything permanent just yet--just be careful with the birth control until you decide if you really want another child.
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Do you think that the longer you wait, the better the scar tissue can heal?  or... would it be the same if you have the baby one month later vs 5 years later?

I'm also thinking of getting the copper IUD.  Does anyone know anything about this or heard anything good/bad about it?

(thanks for all the comments)
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Does the amount of time in between births contribute to the thiness of the uterine wall?  Say for example is there any difference between having c-section 1 year apart versus 4 years apart?  Does the uterus get thicker over time while not pregnant?
I am wondering because of my bicornuate uterus I have been advised to have another c-section (#2) and it will be almost 5 years since the first one. This is probably our last child but you never know!
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Too funny, I was asking the same question as you, I too would also like to hear about others experiences with IUD's, I am also considering one.
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Your doc said if you were his wife he would have your tubes tied?  Good thing you arent his wife.  What a shouvenist!
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