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How much do YOU spend per child for Easter???

Just curious about how much everyone spends per kid on Easter baskets. I always make my own and usually spend around  $25 per child. This year I have 4 children plus my 16 year old step DD so I will be cutting way back.
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We always kept it simple.  Probably spent $25.00 total  when we did the easter egg hunts.
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I usually spend about 50 on each - but we do very minimal candy.  Like,  a small thing of jelly bellies and a small solid bunny - but I give them pajama pants,  or some other kind of clothing,  or a gift card to a restaurant,  etc.    They're all teenagers now.

Most Easter candy is GROSS,  anyway.  Peeps?  Ulghhh gross.  Cheap waxy chocolate that leaves your mouth all slimy is gross too.  
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we spent about $40 on each kid. they each got a blu ray movie (toy story 1 and 2) and candy. (i love peeps. absolutely LOVE them! lol) we didn't get them a lot of candy. chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, robins eggs, peeps. the usual easter candy. (and then there's the grandparents. lol. we're going to be eating candy till halloween.)
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I spend only a few dollars total!
I want them to understand Easter is about the risen Lord
and we spend lent doing for others
This week we went to the store and baught plastic bags, paper plates and cups, and napkinds - which were on the wishlist for the soup kitchen and we said we got them "an easter present"
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Zero so far, but we've only had two Easters with a child up to this point, and a one-year-old and even two-year-old know zip about Easter.  We'll probably paint some eggs with tempera paint this Easter.

I told him what Christmas was about this last year, and he took it seriously, understanding it was a birthday party.  So I think I'll be able to tell him some of the story, but will have to downplay the horrendous parts or he'll be crying.  He doesn't like sad parts of stories even when they have happy endings.
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I probably spend $50-75 total for four kids.  i do get mostly candy, which the kids then take to ball games, etc.  Saves me from paying ridiculous prices there! lol  They also get a few small items, under $5, puzzle books for dd, Pokemon cards for ds1 and 2, bath fizzies, etc.  My mom goes overboard with movies, wii games, toys, etc, so i really don't feel the need.  Oh, this year i am gonna try a cute idea i saw in a magazine.  i bought a 63- piece puzzle at the $ store, and will put the pieces in different easter eggs.  once the kids find all the eggs, they can put the puzzle together.  My kids love puzzles, and theyll also know if they found all the eggs.  we'lll see how it goes!  
Like others mentioned, we also try to keep in mind the true meaning, attending sunrise services at our church (in addition to our regular services and the kids' Easter program), collecting 30- pieces of silver for a special offering, and baking "resurrection" cookies.
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Well. I did my shopping yesterday and spent $93. But I did get eveerything I needed for decorating eggs, plastic eggs and candy for our Easter egg hunt too. So I think I did pretty well. 5 kids times 93 dollars is about 18 dollars a piece. Not bad. Only problem is. Im still not done shopping for my son's birthday party and Easter dinner:(  I hate when we have so many things at once.  I am going to have a finanial break down, lol!
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SOunds like you did pretty well!  I definitely went over $50, lol, I just didn;t add it up so I can lie to myself. =)
It's seems like everything hits at once, doesn't it??  I am already stressed about this summer, cuz i'll have THREE birthday parties plus a bridal shower to host!  And, as a teacher, I don't get paid in the summer, so I have to rely on what I've saved (hopefully enough!)  At least I've already paid for mine and my daughter's bridesmaid dresses (almost $300); still have to get a suit for my son, who's ring-bearer.
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I know what you mean. We have Hunters party tomorrow, Easter and then get a month off before Tristan's. But come August we have Dalton and Taylors just 3 weeks apart. Im going to try and make it easier on everyone by doing a combined party, not sure how I will do that yet:~( But it seems like the holidays have just finished and then its birthday season. Why do we do this to ourselves??? I mean, Easter, halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays??? I always over do it. And I cook for every holiday (because I love too) Everyone always comes to our house for good food, but man, it costs so much to cook huge meals nowdays:~( I think I may start a new tradition and do what they do in the UK:~) chocolate eggs anyone!!!!
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Wow, I can't imagine cooking for everyone!  I'm not much of a cook anyway, LoL.  My aunt has always done Easter dinner and this year she wanted us to go out to a restaurant.  Well, no one else wanted to, and finally she admitted that she couldn't really afford the meal, she has always insisted on doing it all herself.  So this year we are all pitching in-- finally, as it should be!!  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  My mom, sister, and sister-in-law always help me out with the food for my kids parties, it's nothing for them to make a salad or a dessert, but it's completely overwhelming to me to cook for 30-40 people.  Aaghh!!
BTW, chocolate eggs sound just fine to me!= )
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