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How much milk should a 1 year old drink?

I'm watching a baby who just turned 1 last month. He is on whole milk now. His mom brings the milk over but it just doesn't seem like enough for a growing baby. She says he drinks lots of water. Years ago when I did daycare I was on the food program but I'm not now because I only watch this one baby. I can't remember how much milk pediatricians recommend for a 1 year old.
He's pretty healthy overall. I just worry that he's not getting enough milk. Does anyone know how much milk they recommend for his age?
Thank you!
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I always let my kids drink as much as they wanted  - I think they drank around 5 sippy cups a day  so roughly 30 oz.
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I always gave Noah about 8oz three times a day, like breakfast, dinner and bedtime. Sometimes I would give him more just cause he loves it so much. You don't want to give them too much or else their tummies will be too full to eat. Usually I would offer the milk after he ate.
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my ped. just told me Friday that my son who is one should not drink over a quart of milk a day.  There are 32 oz in a quart.
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Wow, that's a lot! She sends over about 12 ounces. He doesn't always drink it all, though. He used to drink it better out of the bottle but she's trying to get him off the bottle. He just doesn't drink it as well in the sippy cup. He's here for about 9 hours so I don't know how much he's getting at home.
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I'm with GRose 8 oz. three times a day.  I think it's supposed to be between 16-24 oz.  
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I was told by a nutritionist that 16 oz a day is sufficient. I cant believe kids who drink that much milk. OMG  If i gave DD 30oz of milk she wouldnt eat. My DD gets one sippy cup in the morning and one right before bed.
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my ped also said 16-24 ounces/day.
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Thanks ladies! :)
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16-24 OZ A DAY
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addy wont drink as much milk a day as she should.  im lucky if i can get 5 oz into her.  i have to give her lots of cheeses and yogurts and such its hard!!  
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Yep, 16 to 24 oz a day and you can divide into a cup with every meal, since by age one, toddlers need to begin using cups more often.
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He will not drink milk from a cup, though. :( I'm hoping it's a stage and he'll start drinking. His mom wants him completely off the bottle but even she says he's not drinking the milk from a cup. He will drink water or juice from a cup but not milk. I tried today to get him to drink some but he only took like two sips. Do you think it's just an adjustment and he'll come around? I did give him some cheese today. He also likes yogurt. He's a good eater and he used to be good about drinking his milk or formula from a bottle. How long should I give this and is there anything else I can do?
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