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How much weight did you gain in pregnancy/open forum

I know this is a pretty frequently talked about topic, but I was wondering how much weight everyone gained w/ their pregnancies. I am at the point now where I am rapidly gaining weight (1-1 1/2 lbs a week) and it is taking a toll. I am only 5'2'', normally 115 lbs. (at most) and all the weight gain is killing my back and hurting my knees(worse than my first). I am 32 1/2 weeks and have already gained over 20 lbs., and will probably hit 30 lbs. by the end (gained 28 lbs. with Maddy)..does that sound about right? I feel like 30 lbs. is a lot for my petit frame, and when I talk to some women who are about my size, they say they only gained 20 lbs. in the whole pregnancy...I've got 7 1/2 weeks left and have already gained that. I am eating really healthy, and have tried to cut down a lot on the sweets and sugar in general (eating more fruit and salads, helping w/ the constipation at least, sorry,tmi) How should I be eating at this point? I feel like I should be eating really healthy and not giving into to all the junk food cravings, as I don't want to get in the habit of eating whatever I feel like. Thanks for your thoughts!~bops
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I gained exactly 30, but had Brody at 34+6 weeks, so I might have gained a little more than that. I am now down to my pre pregnancy weight by 3 months. Don't worry about weight gain so much if you're eating healthy. Comparing yourself to others you will always be a little more or a little less. Everyone is different. Your weight gain sounds within range. You're almost there!!
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Bops, you sound fine to me!  Believe me, if you weren't the Dr would mention it! haha  I gained way too much with both of my girls.  So with this one, I have been eating really really healthy.  I am 22 weeks and have only gained 3lbs.  Which is great for me because I am a really heavy girl and the dr only wanted me to gain 10-15lbs at the most, if anything at all.  Anyhow, as long as you continue to eat healthy, etc I think you'll be fine.  Plus you are at the point where you start to retain a little bit of water too!  woohooo!  =)
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Oh, your good :) I gained 50 and was already 155 when I started. I went up to 205 right before delivery.  I lost 20 immediately after birth and another 10 during her first 3 months.  I've lost 5-7 since I've been working (2 months) I'm struggling to loose the last 15 or so. Anyway, I did eat healthy things and not so healthy things.
I think that if you are eating healthy, then you shouldnt be so concerned about how much you gain.  As long as you dont induldge in bad foods like I did.  There is a reason why your gaining more and it could be lots of reasons.  A lot of times, swelling holds alot of weight. Maybe this baby will be bigger than your last.  Also, I've always heard that when your smaller, you should gain more than 30.  That's just my take on the situation.  
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I gained 45-50 lbs with my dd...I was a blimp! I norm weigh 145-150.
This time around (currently 23 weeks on Saturday) I gained 15 lbs. I weigh 11lbs less then I did at this point in my last pregnancy. I am SUPER happy about that!

I'd have to say that I was one of the lucky ones and lost all the weight in 4 months. I nursed my dd...and that helped tremendously!

I see that I gain the weight in my BUTT and in my face....I feel like I have a blimp in my pants...lol....so sad!

Just try to eat healthy and 'try' not to give in to the cravings all the time..

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I have gained 50 lbs and I'm almost 37 weeks.  Bops you are lucky to have only gained 20 lbs.  I started at 156, I'm 5'8" and now I'm 204.  It's so depressing.  I gained all over but now in the last month I see my face is blowing up.  My lips are like Angelina Jolie's, I love them.  The weight is awful, my feet hurt so much that I can't even stand for long periods of time.
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i'm the same height (well, technically 5'1 1/2") and gained 35 lbs. i had her 4 weeks early, but a lot was from swelling (preeclampsia so i figure it would've been the same had it been a healthy, term pregnancy.). it was all gone by 4 weeks pp. i think pumping helps me lose more weight than nursing since i produce so much more than dd needs. all i eat all day is chocolate, cookies, and ice cream and i'm still slowly losing.
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