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How soon can I test after implantation

Q - I  have reg 28 day cycles like clockwork.  my lmp was 1/13/10, my fertile days were 1/23 -1/27, with best date to ovulate 1/26.  i had BD every day during that time and even before that since i thought i saw good cm on 1/20.  Then on 1/29, came home and saw pink spotting.  I continued to have pink and light brown spotting until 2/1. it cleared up, and then for 1 day I had thick whitish/faint yellowish discharge, and now milky colored.  I have NEVER had spotting in between my periods.  Could this spotting have been implantation? My next period is due 2/9.  this why i am confused, it seems too early to have had implantation spotting.  Can anyone PLS HELP? And now today, i took a hp test and it said negative.  IS IT TOO EARLY TO TEST? I am dying over here trying concieve~
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GEE, thanks for all the comments!! i won't waste my time with this site anymore!
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I hadn't seen your post up until now but I would say what you were experiencing COULD be implantation bleeding. Sometimes it takes the HCG levels a little while to accumulate for a positive pregnancy test. If you're due for your period today and haven't gotten it, I would test two days from now. From what I have read, HCG levels double every two days. I hope you get your positive! I'm in the same boat. Actually just about a week off from your cycle so I have to wait until the 16th :(
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thanks for your comment :)) I really needed that!  I've been TTC since 6/09 - i had two failed IVF procedures so its been tough.  this site is the only one i've ever had the guts to post on before, i've read A LOT of posts, on this and other numerous sites, thats why i got so confused on implantation vs. ovulation, etc etc.  today still no AF, and no symptoms whatsoever which is very unusual for me.  I usually have lots and lots of pms, especially cramps, but now nada.  and my nipples are sore, having bizarre dreams, trouble sleeping, waking up 2 hrs earlier than normal, but tired.  I'm just so scared to take another test to find a BFN.  I wonder if i should get a blood test tomorrow?
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i am in the same boat..LMP  jan14/2010 but i normally have 32 day cycle..so most fertile days cd 15- cd 20..I used first response opk this time instead of clearblue nd not sure about the ovulation this time..clearblue makes it easier with a smily :) but i think i ovulated on jan 30th so tht makes me at 11dpo.i always have very sore bbs 7-10 days before af but this time my bbs r so normal...I do have cramping since 3dpo..backaches on and off..I also had EWCM at 9dpo and today(11dpo) otherwise i am very dry these days..tested today with cheap $store hpt nd negative..This cycle is a mess..I had charted BBT with my 4 iuis in march,april,may and june and i could tell whn i ovulated.but this time dont know whts happening my bbt chart is also looking strange this cycle..i had some thyroid gland infection in nov due to which doc.put me on steroids for a month and i finished that on dec 23rd ..went to see him on jan 19th and he said now my thyroid is not hyper but before going to normal it will go down..so may b thts the reason this cycle my bbt is real low..Cant do nothing but PRAY for a BFP...its been 2 years of actively trying with D&C with and 4 falied iuis... Cd 32 is 14th valentine day..if af doent show up will chk that day only..nt before tht..

Good luck to u ...keep us posted
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hey girl,how are you doing? Did you test again...
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Sorry forgot to ask about you..you were also in the same boat..did u test yet...

AFM :- i thought i ovulated on cd 17 and if i go by this ,tht would make me 13dpo today but my BBTchart on fertility friend pointed i ovulated on cd 20th so tht makes my 10dpo only ...I tested on 10th feb but BFN..will wait till 14th now..2 more days..

Good luck to both of you..hope we all get our BFP this month..fingers crossed
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