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How soon can i conceive after a m/c please help!!

Hi i had a m/c yesterday 04-10-11 my first for me and my fiance. I started having spotting after intercourse, then a few days later is started bleeding. I had a scan as soon as i started bleeding. it was 8 weeks since my last period and fetus was 5-6 weeks old. I saw the sac and new id miscarried, we have been trying for 7 months. its sad i saw our baby on the scan and a few hours later it had gone. The pain miscarrying emotionally and phisically is dred and i dont ever want to go through that again, my thoughts are with those who have had to experience ot more than once. I want to try and conceive again asap, havent stoped bleeding yet and more tissue came out today, sorry if this sounds gross. Is their any evidence to suggest not to try and get pregnant after or is it ok to. i feel like everything is gone.

Please reply have no one else to talk to as only me and my partner new we were pregnant.

Kind Regard

Claire 23 .
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If it's a natural miscarriage, there's no problem with trying again when the bleeding stops. If you have a D&C though, you are best to wait 1-3 cycles before trying again to allow the uterus time to heal and the lining grow back. Otherwise you risk another miscarriage.
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Thank you for replying so quickly, it was a natural m/c how long does the average bleeding last for??

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Depends on the female, how far along you were, etc etc. I miscarried this past June and bled for a little longer than a normal period. Some women bleed for weeks, others only for a few days.
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