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How to win "The Binky Game"

okay ladies...you all know the game i'm talking about - the one where your baby won't fall asleep unless she's sucking on a binky...then once she falls asleep it falls out and BAM baby is instantly awake & crying...so you put the binky back in her mouth and 10 minutes later out it comes and BAM instantly crying...and the game goes on!  i am currently LOSING a round of this game with sienna...we've been playing for about an hour and 15 minutes now.  i took her out of the crib and tried rocking her without the binky.  she fell asleep so i put her back in her crib and she immediately woke up looking for it!!!  any advice on how to win this little game we seem to play every night?!
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I wish I had advice for you!  I use it to get Leah to fall asleep but I have to hold it in the whole time!  I don't even get the 15 minutes off!  Luckily, she doesnt wake when I do let it come out!  Still, tonight I sympathize w/ u!  DH and I had a terrible time getting her to fall asleep... all day she wouldnt nap for more htan a few minutes!  Tonight we triede everything from a walk to holding, letting her cry, bouncing, vibrating chair, swing... nothing would work!  Finally we resorted to the car ride... ah she's been out since thank goodness.  But she's in her bouncer and I am not even going to try to put her in the bassinet;  Therefore I'm on the couch for the night :(
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It sounds that she isn't getting into deep enough sleep to be honest.  Once they are in their deep sleeps is when the binky can fall out and they don't look for it and cry.  With Lilith we wait till this happens, and that usually requires me laying down next to her or nursing her till then (mom is a binky too apparently), and eventually she'll let it fall without rooting around for it and crying for it and then we are off to a few hours of sleep (I won't tell you all she's been sleeping through the night last week... 6-8 hours at a time!)
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6-8 hours?!?  i am SO jealous!!!
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when you rock her to sleep, hold her until there is a deep sigh and her body goes limp, then you will know that she is in a deep sleep and shouldn't be bothered with  or with the binky.  You can also try to wrapping her up like they do in the hospital, I had to do that for a long time like 6-7 months with my 2nd daughter but she and I both slept better.  She still didn't sleep through the night but i would get like 3-4 hours out of her and more as she got older.  Good luck :o)
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I cut the end off my daughters binky, and she didn't want it anymore because it was broken.  Then we delt with a couple of days of crying but after that it was over.
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Sally, lol its short lived and unreliable, that I assure you.  (the sleeping all night....)  In fact, last night, she refused to sleep in her bed, she wanted to sleep with mommy (I didn't get any decent sleep, having to sleep so lightly and stuff.

Let me know how your fight is against the binky game... the deep sleep is the key.
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