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Hysterectomy in 9 days..very nervous...couple questions!

So my Hysterectomy is in 9 days, I am EXTREMLY scared and nervous. I am nervous of the pain afterwards and scared of the fact that every story someone has told me in the past few days have been horror stories. Ladies I need some reassurance. I have been told that I could fall into a deep depression and possibly could lead to divorce. I realize that is just their experience with it but I am frightened. My DH is wonderful and he keeps reassuring me everything will be fine and that we will work through it together no matter what and I do believe him but people these days are so convincing. i was at the store the other day talking to friend about it an dthis lady over heard our conversation and told me all of this, I went home bawling and he hugged me and help me for an hour, it was great. You guys are wonderful on here and I know some of you went through this and I would love to hear ANYBODY'S stories. Also I do have another question I will be in the hospital for at least one day maybe 2 so my question is What did you guys take to the hospital or did you take anything? ANy help is greatly appreciated. Also good luck to everyone out there who are TTC or are preggo and for those who need a little bit of good luck.
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thank you to both of you. I was calmed by your words. I am 26 and will have it due through the Laprascopy procedure as he already has to do that for my Endo. He is taking my uterus and one ovary, so far. He says he might have to take it all but he hopes he doesn't have to. I will say that if he does and when I go into early menopause that I do not plan on taking hormone replacments.
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You have to make this experience yours. No matter how many stories you hear whether they are good or bad makes no difference. You more than likely will have a positive experience. I have taken care of many women post-hysterectomy. I know the pain varies(depends on your tolerance). Get up and move as soon as possible and please dont over do it. Take your pain meds on a schedule. Please be well hydrated before you go into surgery. This will help with anesthesia and finding a good vein to start your IV. Sounds, like you have a very supportive DH let him support you while you are in the hospital. Make sure your nurse, doctor, anyone who comes in contact with your insicion washes their hands!!! You most definatly dont want a hospital born infection...!!!!  Make sure you ask them to wipe their steithiscope off with alcohol before they use it on your chest. I will guarantee it has seen many other chests before yours!!Be your own advocate!! Some nurses forget to be one and fight for your rights. Oh, are you having a vaginal hysterectomy
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Hey, I did not have exactly full hysterectomy, but I have nothing else left but my uterus and that is because my problems happened while prego and I am so lucky, that I am still carrying my baby! Anyway, I will be in your situation as soon as my baby is born and I already did my research. I am not as scared as you are, even though I was told by my Dr's I could fall into deep depression plus all the post pregnancy stuff, but...as long as you follow your Dr., you should be ok. I am not sure how old you are, but I will be just about 34 a month after the baby is born and since I will go through metapause so early, I will have to take hormones for a while. The dose is little less or equal to B-control pills. Also, I am an active person, so I will try to protect a bone density loss by working out, but what has to do with the depression, you have to make sure that if you notice it, you act on it fast. There are proscription pills your OB can get you. I personally will choose counseling first, if I can and then if that does not work, will take a medication. But I am not taking this easily. I, like you, do not know exactly how it is going to affect me, but I will do anything it takes! What has to do with the hospital stay, just bring the usual..tooth brush, shampoo etc, maybe warm rope and slippers. I am not sure how they will do your hysterectomy, but my friend had hers done by laser. I have two huge scares going from my belly button all the way to my private parts, but again...I was prego when it happened...Also, if I am not mistaken, it takes about 4-6 weeks to recover and I will say ...it really does!!! One more thing, this website has a forum for metapause etc. You may get better advise there or read on there and get more idea. That is what I did! Good luck to you...
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I am not familiar with a hysterectomy personally but i can say that all that deep depression info comes from the fact that your body will no longer have the hormones that your reproductive system produces.. it will be EASIER for you to fall into depression... After the procedure if you find yourself sad and hopeless just remind yourself that it is hormonal and that you arent alone.  Explain this to your family as well.. say "Listen if i become unmanagable in the next few months just realize that it is a major change that my body is going through.. etc."  Im sure if you explain it everyone will understand and support you in any way possible.  

I would suggest bringing things that make you happy to the hospital.  Bring pictures, games, books, and your telephone book so you can call friends..  

Good luck and I hope you can soon relax and I hope you have a quick recovery from your surgery..
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I hope you can reconsider him leaving one ovary. I am not afraid of you chances of Ovarian cancer. You see many women who dont have complete hysterectomies have an increased chance of developing cancer in the "parts" that are left over. Secondary to the fact on decrease hormones or hormone replacement. Why not have it all taken out..I hope you will consider this and do some research on statistics of ovarian cancer after hysterectomy. I have heard...that the vaginal hysterectomy is a much easier recovery. I have worked in Mother/baby for awhile so have not seen this procedure with my own eyes. I hope all goes well with you and make sure you see people washing thier hands!!!!!!
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exuse me I am afraid of your chances of developing ovarian cancer..Hands type faster than brain works some times..
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