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I am so scared right now

Is it normal to bleed at 11 weeks into my pregnancy? its not heavy just spotting im really new to this as in being a mom im pregnant with my first child and found out today
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It can be common to bleed or spot in the first trimester. As long as it's not gushing out and you aren't cramping badly. I would still tell your OB just to let him know.
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It can be normal or it may be a sign that something is wrong. The cervix is sensitive right now so even doing the baby dance can cause bleeding. The only to know for sure would be to call your doctor or go to the ER. Usually if its just a bit of spotting with no cramping, its nothing to worry about, but i would still call the doctor so they can check and be sure though.
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Bleeding can be normal or a cause of concern.  You need to see a doctor immediately.  I bled at six weeks and am now 35 weeks pregnant.  It can turn out to be nothing.  Try not to worry and see a doctor.  Good luck!
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well i called my doctor and he said not to worry but this is my first pregnancy and i have wanted to cry there is a little pain in my back but not bad
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I agree with what the others said!
I noticed that you posted above. I just wanted to let you know NOT to wear a tampon while you are pregnant. You should always wear a pad if you are bleeding during pregnancy.
Good luck and I hope everything turns out ok!
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thanks for the support and everything i am way new at this so if i upset anyone im sorry
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