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I am tired of being fat - Any diet suggestions?

My DD is 7 months old and I still have baby weight.  My legs are thinner, but my tummy and arms are fatter!  I have done weight watchers (lost 16 pounds) and am exercising regularly.  I recently cut out pop which I drank too much of, but I am stalled at 160 pounds.  I just can't get in the 150s again.  My goal is to wiegh 143-148.  Does anyone have any suggestions that might help?  Any great diets or safe meds?  I am ready to try just about anything.
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I am in the same boat as you. A few years ago I weighed about 135 then right before I got pregnant with Avery (first pregnancy was a miscarriage) I weighed around 150. I have lost most of the pregnancy weight but I can't get it all off. My legs and butt are actually alot smaller than before but I still have this belly! (That I never had before!) When it is nice out we go for walks but other than that I don't have time to exercise. I work full-time and when I come home I take care of my daughter and everything else. Years ago I did Weight Watchers and got down to 125. It really worked for me but I never ate anything considered "bad". And when I say never I mean never. I don't want to have to eat like that again. I can't offer any help just sympathy!

P.S. I see you are from Oklahoma, my mom is from Oklahoma. All of my mom's family lives in Edmond, so I feel I am part Okie!  lol :)
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I am the opposite - my belly looks like I never had a baby but I grew these god awful arms and legs during pregnancy that will not go away.  I gained 80lbs, lost 60lbs still carrying 20 and it is all in my arms and legs.  I am sick of being fat too.  I hate that I cannot fit in my clothes and I feel so ugly.

I buy my dd new clothes all the time, I never buy myself anything because I refuse to spend money on big clothes.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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There are no diet meds that work.

Are you on an exercise program?  Eating healthy w/ exercise is the key the weight loss.

However,  in the end it comes down to a simple principal - you need to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight.  Look up "basal metabolic rate" - that will tell you how many calories you need to MAINTAIN your current weight.  Eating less than that number of calories or burning calories throught exercise to get below that number will equate to weight loss.  About 3500 calories = 1 pound.
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Sorry, I didnt see you were exercising.  Prehaps modification of your exercise program would help - there are certain things that will target various problem areas.  It might be worth hiring a personal trainer for 1 session to get some feedback.
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My fiance is a personal trainer and let me tell you it does help to have one if you can afford one.  Your body needs be constantly surprised.  Meaning, it will get used to the same exercises.  You have to change it up.  You've reached a plateau.  All I can recommend is cut out carbs at night.  Don't eat them at dinner time at all.  Consume most of your carbs in the morning.  Eat 6 small meals a day.  Portion control is definitely a big thing.  Weight training is also very important.  You want to do at least 30 minutes of cardio 3-4 times a week if you can and combine that with weights.  You burn a lot of calories doing weight training.  Plus, you're firming.  It's rough to get the baby weight off, I gave birth 4 months ago and still have 20 lbs. left from the 60 I gained.  To find the time to workout is extremely difficult as well.  I hope it works out for you...good luck.
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I think that everyone will have their personal views on how to get thin.  I'll tell you what worked for me though.  There is this book, that I sware by really.  It's called calorie king carbbohidrate counter.  It's simple math really.  This book gives you the breakdown of the calories in everything you eat. Figure out what amount of calories you need to consume a day and you will loose weight.  I'm against "diets" that deprive you.  I pretty much eat whatever I want in moderation.  If I want a cheeseburger with fries, I'll have half and just a few fries.  If I make dinner that is not that great for us, (ie: pasta) I'll serve myself in a small bowl and add a salad.  So I feel good not full.  And to be very honest, I lost the weight without even realizing it.  And I dont excersize.  And by all means, I'm not bragging. I wish I had time to excersize but, I dont. But I still lose weight.

It's especially hard when your a women.  Two weeks before my period, I eat like a maniac.  Once my period comes, I hardly have an appetite.  Since your doing a lot of excersize, you will need to eat more.  Fiber and protein keep you feeling fuller longer, which is why it's good to eat more if that then carbs.

Also, dont be so hard on yourself.  7 months is still not a long time considering the Dr's tell you it takes 2 years for your body to heal from pregnancy.  Give yourself a break, and dont be so hard on yourself.  It will only hurt you instead of help you.  You will get there.  It just takes time.  
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i too am trying to work on weight issues.. i lost 40 during the pregnancy and gained 10...so really in the beginning a total of 50 and gained 10 so 40...after ds was born a week later i had lost 15lbs...a month later 25lbs...now im in a rut that my clothes are all too big which in my case It's a good thing...I don;t really LOOK that big BUT my butt and my boobs take most of the weight...I mean bust is 42D waist 36..height 5'4 and a HALF lol...and sometimes I now have to go in 38 pants or 18 BECAUSE my butt!! my waist in pants is sooo hard to get pants that dont bunch up with a belt because obviously i need one or else my arse is hanging out and it sucks..mind you i may not have any baby weight left but am trying to lose weight again...because according to those mass calculators i am considered overweight...so is my mom and she weighs in at 155-160 and is 5'5..go figure.,.. IN MY eyes women arents supposed to be all stick and bones...my friend is 116 and a size 1..thats just gross I think...and yet she wants to lose more weight because she is full of stretchmarks...no kids...nice huh? I think as moms the majority wont ever be 100% satified with our bodies because some cant lose the weight or have stretch marks or whatever...but thats the joys of being a mom:) im my opinion...Now can anyone help in loosing boob and butt mass? LOL I'm caucasian and EVERYONE makes fun of me because I'm told I have a ghetto booty:S go figure...
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If you know how to lose boob mass, please let me know! LOL :) 38D UGH!
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i hear ya and it sucks im always talking about going for a reduction...bfs like no way! of course LOL...Prepregnancy I was 38D and my boobs didnt grow that much but I'm not at a 42D it really sucks...
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Ha....I feel you ladies on the boobs...I have always had bigger boobs, but after having Ashtyn....I am up to a 42DD!!!! It is HORRIBLE lol....But I need to jump on this band wagon and get with the program!!! I too have cut out everything but water to drink...used to drink a lot of pop but I cut out that, juices, chocolate milk (another big craving for me) and so far I feel better about myself...I just need to get on the exercising! I want to jog but for anyone else that lives in Michigan knows, it is pure MUD everywhere!!!! I can barely step off my front porch without sinking in 5 inches!!!!
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Wow you ladies have big boobies.  I wish mine stayed a little bigger.  They went back down to the same size.  I started as a 34C and went up to a 36D when preggers.  Now I'm back down to a 36C.  I loved my boobs when the milk came in though.  I had like Double D's.  They looked like implants.  Gorgeous...lol.
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My son is 9 months old - i gained 53pounds and have lost it all.  I ate half of what I use to eat, cut out sota drinks, and run and lift weights - i can only do 20min of running so i push myself to burn as many cal as i can.  i do this at least 4 days a week or not more.

I got lucky on the boobs - i had implants and they went back to the same as they were but some how i would like them bigger they are 36C
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