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I got my results back everyone...........

Just wanted to let everyone know what has happened since my last entry.  On Feb. 15th I went to the bathroom and noticed some dark brown discharge with some small black clots.  This was only when I wiped, as nothing has been flowing out.  I got upset and wiped again and saw nothing else really.  I had a bit more spotting on Wednesday, just once when I wiped again.  It was brownish, red.  I felt that this was it.  I went to see my doctor on Thursday and he did a pelvic exam.  He said that all he could see was a small amount of old blood, but nothing fresh.  He did another HCG which went up to 25000 from 21000 last Saturday (5 days ago).   I had an u/s on Friday and it was confirmed that no "definative preganacy" could be seen.  The Sonographer had the Radiologist come come in and recheck herself to make sure.  I had to go see my doctor right after and he told me that the sac only measured 5 weeks old and I should be at 9 weeks according to my LMP.  According to me and my husband's calculations, I should only be 6w6d preg.  He works out of town alot, so it's easy to pin point days when we could have conceived.  DR said that no fetal pole or stem could be detected, let alone a heartbeat.  They said that it's just an empty sac.  They also said that they could not see my left ovary which may indicate an ectopic preg. because by levels are still going up a bit.  They're checking my levels again on Monday.  ...so I guess it's official, I've miscarried for the 2nd time...  Much thanks to those that have shared their experiences with me and helped me through this ordeal.///June
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So Sorry --but keep your chin up things will happen when you least expect it! Believe me my husband had a vasectomy 2 years ago but some how I have a 3 month old boy!!
God Bless
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I'm sorry that you are going through this.  I hope that this all gets resolved soon so that you can get back to normal.  Take care!

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It's horrible to go through isn't it? I had a M/C last month at 8 weeks. I started spotting and was sent for an early scan, they couldn't pick anything up on the U/S so I had an internal one. The sack only measured the size of a 5 week pregnancy so they booked me in for another in 2 weeks. That afternoon I started bleeding heavily and knew that was it. I'm so glad we'd hardly told anyone I was expecting, it made it easier not having to tell lots of people the bad news. Last time I couldn't face anyone but this time no-one knows so I don't have people feeling sorry for me and trying to console me. It sounds really stupid but I've handled it much better this way, it does't hurt any less though.
Keep trying, I have 2 beautiful little boys that I adore and never in a million years did I think I'd get to this point.
Good luck and lots of luv.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. I've been there and know how badly it hurts. But time does heal. Best wishes to you.
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Thank you everyone for all of your kind words and support.  It really does make this easier to bear///Love June
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I also have had several miscarriages and the last was totally devestating, I was already 14 wks.  Good news is that you can go on to have a healthy, normal pregnancy after miscarriages, that's what I held on to to make it through.  I am now nearly 19 weeks and although more paranoid then most women who haven't had a miscarriage everything is going great this time.  Its corny but time and talking about your feelings really help you to heal.
Best of luck
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