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I just got another phone call from babysitter... Maddie is sick again! =(

Alright... I am really near my edge here... I just found out my baby keeps having diahrea... had 2 times today and she said the last one was so bad she stained her clothes... went thru them and stained the carrier seat she was on!! =(
Is this part of the RSV thing she had last week? is this something to be concerned about? she has been sneezing a little bit... not so much tho, and coughing... but i thought it was part of the virus leaving her system..???
Now she's got another diahrea spell! =(
My poor baby girl....

One thing i've been thinking, is that about a week or so.. (coincidence maybe??) I mixed a can of regular milk based formula with her lactose free one... she was never really diagnosed with lactose intolerance but since I am... the doctor said that might be the reason of her fussiness right around a month or so after she was born... and ever since she's been in that.... that might be it????
The sitter said it was bright yellow and no consistence to it what so ever.....

PEEEEEEEK! help girl!!!!
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it does sound like part of the rsv, my oldest had rsv as a 3 month old and wow, the diarrhea!  i wouldn't be too concerned until after 4 bm's like that.  then you need to worry about dehydration and call the dr.  if there isn't a fever i wouldn't panic just yet, but i would be watchful!
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thank you alikat! i know... it might very well be the formula.... =( i feel like a horrible mom now... i just don't want her to have a rough transition from formula to regular cow milk later on?? maybe i'll have to buy lactaid for her?? lol

thank you!
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V - I wish I had some answers for you - OMG, bless maddie's heart - she's been through the ringer and now this!  It sounds like it could be the formula but I really don't know.  I'm having the opposite problem right now but it's not nearly as worrisome as the diarrhea.  Keep us posted - gosh, I hope Maddie gets to feeling better and really soon!!

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