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I need Gold Bond and I have "big elbows"

My 5 year old son has been tripping me out the past two days.  I wanted to share and I wanna hear everyone elses stories!  They can be just sooo funny!

My son and I were watching TV and a GoldBond footcream comercial came on and showed a picture of "dry/cracked feet".  My son screams, "Mom, you need that!!".  I just looked at him, and he said "No, really, look at your feet!!"  (He kills me!  I went to get a pedi today, thanks to Jack!)

Then I got out of the shower this morning and was getting dressed, Jack came in to potty.  I wasn't paying much attention to him.  He looks at me and says, "Mom, why are your elbows so big?".  (I know I'm pregnant, but I didn't think I had big elbows!)  I started looking at them in the mirrow and I said, "Their not big!".  He got agrivated, sighed, and pointed to my boobs,  "Those!!" he said!!  LOL, I had to stop laughing long enough to answer him.  He just trips me out!

Anyone one else have a opinionated child?  LOL!
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Lol. My stepdaughter, (before we were even trying to get pregnant), was at Dairy Queen with her daddy, my partner and I. Mommy and Daddy were at the counter waiting for the food, I volunteered to take the kiddies to go sit down. There was a high-chair by the only empty table that was big enough for all of us. I asked her (my stepdaughter) to please go put the highchair away with the rest of them in the corner. She's like "We don't need a highchair, we don't have a baby" I patiently told her, no we don't have a baby, will you please go put it away, She starts to get up then looks at me and is like, Then why is your belly so big? Ooo I just wanted to strangle her while I was strangling on my own laughter! Tehe. Got to love kids!
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My sister said for some reason her almost 3 year old keeps sneaking in her bed at night and that she really needs to nip it! We talked about getting her a little sleeping bag to deter her from wanting to come into the room if she couldn't sleep in the bed anymore. I guess they were saying their nightly prayers and were discussing what they were looking forward to the next day. The child replies, "mom, I'm looking forward to sleeping in your bed the WHOLE night tomorrow" and that cracked me up!
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LOL...kids say the funniest things....my oldest (when she was much younger) saw me changing clothes one day and decided that she needed to inform me of something the she thought i didn't already know..."Mom, you've got BIG nipples".  Talk about getting a complex.  A week or so ago my middle child (girl) was playing with my belly button....for some reason she LOVES to do that..mine or hers, doesn't metter.  So she makes the comment "mom, why is your belly so big?" (mind you we have NOT told her that i'm pregnant yet)  So I said "becuase I've got a lot of fat...so she comes back with "nu uh it's cuz you're gonna get born to baby Jasmine"  (baby jasmine is one of her baby dolls)
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LMOA, you guys!!  I love it, wonderful stories!!  Thanks so much for sharing, its kinda fun to have a thread thats light for a change!  Thanks ladies!
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Don't ya just love those funny little things they say.  My BF's oldest loves to compare my pregnant belly at almost 6 months to her mothers when she was 8 months because that is when they found out that their mommy was having another baby.  It kills me because she will look through the "What to expect when expecting" book and compare my belly to the ladies in the book.  She is trying really hard to understand why I am not as big as her mommy was.  We tell her I still have about 3 months before the baby comes and she gets this inquizative look on her face and just looks like she has a ton of questions to ask.  =)

They LOVE to tell the story of me in Michaels with the toilet paper tail!  
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My almost four year old son is crazy opinionated!!! He walked in on me the other day while I was dressing for work, and i didnt cover my boobs up fast enough, and he caught a glimpse,  and proclaimed that my boobs had been drawn on with a blue crayon! (Im preggers, so of course, those are my milk veins). He asked why they looked that way. I had to explain to him that they looked that way because his sister is coming soon and some people use them to feed their newborns. He then looked all disgusted and told me that babies eat from a bottle, not a boob!! He also runs around telling everyone that my hubby has got the "biggest butt you've ever seen." my poor hubby!!! ha ha
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LOL!  I love the boob story!  My BF's 5 year old (just turned 5) asked me the same question, why my boobies had blue lines in the them.  =)  Of course I try not to get dressed or undressed around them or anyone for that matter these days... but she absolutely refuses to KNOCK before entering!
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ny 4 year old god daughter walked in on me puttin my top on the other day and as i turned my bak to her she exclaimed u have boobs on ur back ha ha thanks alecia that will be my bak fat
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