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I need some advice about...

I know that sometimes I take every pain or feeling that I have to the extreme but I am really confused.

Ok! Since around June 14th I have been having lots of signs of PG like cramping, frequent urinating, VERY SORE BOOBS, crying a lot,  nausea (especially in the evening), really (tired all the time), feeling like I am going to pass out, having really hot flashs. Oh and I was running a bit of a tempature for a couple of days.

Now here is the kicker, I got my period on June 29th and I stopped on July 3rd so that was a four day period. I was not as heavy as I usually am. So I figured I was not PG due to getting my AF.

Now it is July 10th and I am still having the above symptoms. My nipples were very sore last night and not meaning to give TMI but my nipples are saying harder than usual and are very tender.

My question is, Is there a chance that I might be PG even though I have a period?
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If your AF on 6/29 was not really an AF, then a pregnancy test would be positive by now. It's not possible to have an actual AF if you're pg, but it's possible to have AF-like bleeding.
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Yes! Thank You. I understand that it is not something that normally happens to people but it did happen to my mom.

She had a normal AF for the first three months that she was PG with me so I believe it is possible. How else would I be here?
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AF is another name for menstruation.  Menstruation is the shedding of the uterine lining that occurs every 28 days or so when a woman is not pregnant.

So it is not possible to have your menstrual period, menstruation, or AF when pregnant.  What can happen is that there can be some unexplained bleeding during pregnancy.  This can be mistaken for a period by someone.
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Babylove, who_is_this is correct. It's not actual menstruation, but bleeding occurs for other reasons. I didn't realize I was pg with my ectopic right away, because I had what I thought was a period. Because of that, I didn't know I was pg until I was about 6 weeks along.

If you take an hpt now, and it's negative, then it means that your AF from 6/29 was indeed an AF and you are not pg. If you take one and it's positive, then that was NOT an AF and you are indeed pg.
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Ok so how did my mom have three periods like clock work her first trimester with me?

And my Aunt had her AF EVERY month when she was PG with my cousin.

So how did all of that happen if having a AF and being PG is not possible?

I am not trying to cause a fight but you guys are not being very sensative.

I am just trying to get advice.

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Ok well I did take a hpt yesterday and I had a faint positive line and this morning it was negative.

That is why I am so confused!
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