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I need your summer meals ideas!

Hey girls. Its not TOO hot here in Utah yet, but I know those days are coming. I wondered if we could all share what we do for meals in the summer when its so hot and you don't want to turn on the oven.
I thought of chicken salad on croissants--(using canned chicken) with fruit salad and chips.
PLEASE share your ideas so we all get some good ones for when its so hot!!!
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i agree the crockpot is wonderful. a big help, especially when you need to leave the house for a few hours. i've never heard of a convection/micro combo, but would love to get one. right now, we only have a crappy micro and crappy toaster thattake up too much counterspace. i'll have to look into that.

what about an outside grill? i know that still involves going out in the heat, but it doesn't make your house any hotter.
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I use the crockpot alot.    We also grill all year long.    
**wondering why I've never heard of a microwave/convection oven**
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I have two answers for you ladies who don't want to turn on the "big hot thing" and heat up the house: a microwave/convection combo and a big crockpot. I can bake cookies without heating up the house, even bake salmon. The crockpot is great because they are so versatile. Keep an eye out on the new Healthy Cooking forum for lots of crockpot recipes from Peek and I.

The nice stainless convection micro combo cost me under $150 at Wal-Mart and my crockpot was under $50. A good investment to keep the house col all summer!
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I know what you mean Jenny, we only have a window unit for this old house, and it barely cools the upstairs.  I dread turning on the oven, or clothes dryer.  =(

I'll have to check out that community.  I also like to go to google and search for recipes.  I found a great recipe for Country Fried Steak last night, and I was pleased with the gravy I made from the recipe.  YUM!!
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There's a new Healthy Cooking community where you can post recipes and tips. I'd love to see what kind of summer recipes people have...It's already too hot here for my taste.
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I like to make Gazpacho sometimes. I also have a pretty good cool veggie pizza recipe I could share with you, if you like. My whole family likes it. I think I might put it on the new Healthy Food Forum.
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