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I survived

I dropped off my new kindergartener this morning, and it was difficult.  I started crying in the parking lot when I was holding her tiny little hand.....knowing that I was minutes away from letting go.  Thankfully, I had sunglasses on, and pulled myself together during the long walk to the door.  I didn't want to leave the classroom, but it was obvious that it was time for me to go.  She did well.....I grabbed a handful of tissues on the way out the door, and then headed straight to the bathroom.  

She thought it was very cool that we woke up while it was still 'night time'.  I had to explain to her that it wasn't still night time, it was the CRACK OF DAWN.  And that we would be doing this for the next 15 years....

She was so proud to put on her little uniform, and strutted around the house showing off to Dad and brother.  She couldn't wait to put her Tinkerbell backpack on, until she realized how heavy it was...

I will miss her all day, and her brother (17 months younger) doesn't quite know what to do w/himself.  He is just sitting in the hall, twirling a beaded necklace around, and staring into space.....
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I know your pain....I have been through it 2 x now, and both days I booked a day at the spa for me to RELAX, it helped me through it.  Try to enjoy that unfamiliar "quietness" today!
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I have a tradition, started with my dd's first day of school.  Whoever is hanging around looking sad came to my house for tea.  Now she is in grade 11 and I still have parents over, some of them I only see on that first day of school.  It's fun and keeps us all from crying.
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Oh, how I remember those days! Mine are  24 & 26 now, and it seems like just yesterday when I dropped them off for their first day of kindergarten. Where does the time go????
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You did great.  It'll get easier with time but I do feel your pain.  It's hard to let go.
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YEAH!  You did good!  Now, remember this day for the first day of college...you will need it!

Good job, mom!

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anxious that is a great idea.  and if the house isnt tip top then there is always a starbucks lol.  
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oh pix im a loser, i forgot to say good job!! i bet she was as cute as can be so proud to start school!
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I knew you could do it! When you pick her up you are going to feel good and tomorrow will be easier.
Good Job:)
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Oh, I am not looking forward to that day at all...I still have 3 years to go, and I was freaking out about it last week when we drove by the school! It sounds like you handled it so well! I hope I can be that strong!
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I dread that day. Reading your post, I see my self the same way. DS is only 5-1/2 months, but your post just made me think about it! Good job!!
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Every milestone they go through is hard.  But the first day of Kindergarten is a tough one.  You made it without making her upset and nervous...you did great.
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Thank you all for the free therapy....it has helped to purge my emotions in front of the computer rather than in front of the kids.  My husband is like NOT on my page at all....he thinks I'm insane.  After this, I have a tiny bit of hope that maybe she won't go to college, and live off of me forever....well, not really.  I can't wait to pick her up....2 and a half more hours.  Her brother just ate lunch by himself, and asked how much longer it will be until we go get her...I cried again.  Ugh.  Thank God school started on Thurs.  Tomorrow will have to be easier....
I just need to have this baby, and get my mind off this new school age thing.  
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You're making it...!  Nice job :)
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