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IT'S A.....

GIRL!!  We are so excited!  I need help on baby names though.  Dh and I really like the name Jillian.  Any other ideas would be great.  Thanks!
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CONGRATS!! I am having a girl too. Shes due Oct 4th. We are naming her Alyssa.... I'm still not too sure on a middle name right now... I'm not sure I like the one her daddy picked out..... he just doesn't know it yet.
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Congratulations!  A little girl will be so precious!  I am due with a girl on July 29th, but they are going to induce at 37 weeks.

I think Jillian is a beautiful name.  My DD will be Anna Claire.  Good luck to you.
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Yes Jillian is pretty. I get to find out what I'm having tomorrow, if the little angel lets me see! If we have a boy, his name will be Gavin. If it's a girl, her name will be Camryn. Just two names we have ALWAYS liked.
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I do like the name Jillian.  My daughters name is Alissa Ann.  
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congraaats! it is wonderfull to have a baby girl, julian is great but i love julie more, as it means beautiful in french. any way julian is very nice.
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COngrats! I love being a mommy to a little girl...I can't wait to find out what I am having in a few weeks!
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wow! Lots of girls coming up...congratulations!
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I'm having a boy, but had names picked out for both before I found out the sex.

Girl: Cailyn Jalissa

Boy: Dominick Aiden

Looks like I will have to go with Aiden, but am very excited since DH's family has 6 granddaughters and NO boys.

Congrats on your little girl!
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