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I have a IUD and I am two weeks late. and my body feels like I am pregnant. I took a hpt. and it was negative but i didn't get my period. I am going to take the IUD out next week becaues I want to have a baby again but not with the IUD insiad of me still. So do you know of any one with this or do you have a IUD,
I have two kids and I didn't go throw this befor. so can you help!
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I am sitll wanting for my period and I shuold take a the hpt  test again d/f I go to my doctor's next week. My husband and I are planning a baby so I hope I well be o.k. I hope they can take it out.
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What kind of IUD are you on? I have used both and the Mirena, the hormonal IUD made me late too!! The copper IUD did not, at least with what I can recall.  I can tell you this. .. You are fertile immediately once it is removed... I conceived less than a month after mine was removed.

I say give it a few more weeks, but if you are really concerned check for your strings, if they are there, you should be okay... if you don't like checking for them, ask hubby if he notices anything different.... not trying to be personal, but mine said he could always slightly feel mine... and I know other wives who have used their hubby's to check... Sorry if it is TMI, just an idea on how to check it out.

Best of luck with whatever you want

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I have The Mirena two and I don't like the way my period is going I am going to take it out becaues it feel like my period is not good that all. So I want to be safe b/f I get pregnant again this will be my three child and my first time with the IUD. I am happy it is coming out soon.

Melissa for taking the time out to say what you had to say:-)
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well i get some mliky discharge and no period. I hope I am fine. I have symotoms like if i was pregnant i have bloating and gas alot of gas and heartburn, tired so i hope i am o.k. itis in gods hands. i will see what happends to me.
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