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Hey all.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Everything turned out to be okay so no more worries here.  I was wondering if anyone has any information on the IUD.  I hear both good and bad things about it and so I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions?  I'm scheduled to have get one in November but I'm starting to reconsider.  Any thoughts?
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Are you permanently done with having babies? If not, I would have a comment.
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I'm really curious about that too. The Mexican health authorities are promoting it at their clinics like it's the next best thing to fresh bread. Obviously, I wasn't that convinced, and I think I'll be fine using condoms the few times I think I'll be having sex shortly after having the baby. It just sounds really suspicious to me - after all, as a rule they'd rather prevent more births than make sure the woman stays fertile afterwards. As for me, I've pretty much decided, no way. I managed to not get pregnant until I wanted to, without using hormones- and even that for health reasons. I wouldn't trust it.
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I had my IUD inserted about 2 years after I had my DD was born. I do not deal well with hormones and so it was an easy way out for me. I aslo new I would not want another child at least for 3 years, so no problem there. I took my out May 2005 and got prego right after. Lost that one, but I am prego again (25 weeks) and no problems at all. The thing I learned about it is, Dr. do not recomended if you have not have any kids yet. There are about 2 to 3 kinds, I chose the one without hormones. (sorry, can not remeber the name now) Had no problem with any extra bleeding, but that may be different with each one of us. No problem during intercorse...nothing.
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Well, my story goes a lil somethin like this...I'm currently a college student and will be graduating with my B.A. next winter. I had lil ClairBear last February so going to school full time+ and being a full time wife and mother has been a real juggeling act but I'd have to admit that I've enjoyed every minute of it(although it has been pretty rough).  I was on the minipill while I was breastfeeding and when she was 6mnths she started to cut back on her eating, which I didn't realize would cause me to be more apt to get pregnant.  I wound up having a very early, natural mc but now I'm paranoid about it happening again(getting pregnant or another mc).  I talked to my dr who just loves the idea of any one getting an IUD (the merina i think).  I my duaghter,greatly much so, and would love to be able to have more kids later down the road....way down the road.  About 3-5yrs.  I have heard that the IUD hurts like none other and even during intercorse.  I also heard that it could cause me to later be infertile later down the road.  I realize that there are all sorts of risk factors with any sort of bc that you take, but I really want to be careful in making a decision.
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My mom got the IUD for 5 years. then had my youngest bro. now 20.She had no prob.My friend also had the IUD for 5yrs.then had a healthy baby boy.On the other hand sis had it put in and had infection after infec.I also heard ectopics are common when IUD is in place.But every body is diff.Hope this helps* nanis
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I loved my IUD. For mor information, check out www.mirena.com There are certain people who are not candidates for them, so it is not for everyone.

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