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I heard that the IUD pricks the end of the mans penis.  Is this true?
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It is inside of your uterus, there is no way it would ***** anything.
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it might depend on the iud you have. i have the mirena and occasionally the dh says he can feel the strings. he said it doesn't hurt just feels weird. i'm not sure about the copper iud.
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If anything is poking the man's penis, it would be the strings, not the IUD itself.  It (the IUD) is snugly up inside your uterus, not hanging through the cervix into the vagina.
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my fience said that he could feel it quite abit and it scratched hiim (and i saw the mark it left)
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It`s true! My poor boyfriend went through this and inititally I thought that could hardly be possible. Mentioned it to my gynaecologist and he confirmed that it is obviously not the IUD but the nylon (?) strings that can sometimes be bent in a pointy way and present a painful obstacle. Strangely enough I got pregnant despite IUD after something had gone wrong with the strings. That was two decades ago. Possibly it is not an issue anymore with modern IUDs.
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The IUD strings should not be cut too short because of that very reason. My OB left mine longer so they would sweep to the side during sex. My dh never noticed the strings as a result of that.

I don't know if it is possible, but perhaps call your doctor and ask that it be replaced with one without the strings cut so short as it is interfering with your sex life. Who knows? It never hurts to ask, right?
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