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My husband and I are trying to decide what to do next in this quest to have a family.  Based on my history (I won't bore everyone with the details) it is decision time... IUI or IVF.  Does anyone know what the success rates are for both?  
Is it worth spending the extra $ to improve my chances with the IVF?  
Insurance won't cover either procedure.
IUI $4,000
IVF $12,000
Any advice out there???
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Wow that is alot for IUI I have friend that just had it done and it was a max of $2000. IT would be best to talk to a fertility clinic and see what they think is your best option. they can do things such as S/A for DH and U/s for you and tell you what the best option is.
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May I ask, what is IUI????
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I don't know your situation, but I have tried both and I got pregant twice with IUI (both miscarriaged) and I'm currently 8 wks. pregnant through IVF.   If you ovulate on your own the doctors can monitor you through u/s and trigger your ovulation and time IUI appropriately.  If this is the case, the cost should come way down.  If you don't ovulate, the costs go up because the fertitly drugs are very expensive.  

The only benefit to IVF is that you know that a fertilized egg(s) is put back into you and you know the quality of the egg(s).  They grade the eggs on a scale of 1-5.  1 being the best and 5 being the worst.  I can also tell you that IVF can sometimes be very stressful.  At one point, I was getting two shots in the stomach and one in the butt everyday.  I am now getting one shot of progesterone once a day in the butt and this will continue until 12 wks gestation.  

It's a hard decision to make but I was lucky enough to have insurance to cover everything at 100%.  The one thing the doctors should have told you is that your chances of conceiving and delivery a baby go up considerably when you do IVF.    If you have any specific questions about either procedure, please let me know.  

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Thanks for the info... Congratulations!!  
My insurance doesn't cover any of the medications. I think that is why it is so expensive.  I have a consultation with the doctor next Monday to go over my options.  
I have been monitored the past 3 months, with ultrasounds and blood tests, using clomid.  I ovulated...intercourse and nothing.
So I will just ask more questions to find out my options.
I am finding out that IVF is more extensive than I thought.
I am sure if we decide to do it... I will be asking you even more questions!

IUI- inter-uterine-injection  
short description- the doctor injects the semen directly into the uterus.
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Hello.. I have had an IUI done three times.  I conceived the first time I had one and the third time I had one.  I am shocked at the cost you mentioned.  It only cost us $220.00 to have an IUI done.  Of course we didn't have any medications or anything like that, just the IUI.  I have a beautiful two year old that I had with the first IUI.  Good luck with your choice!

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i have to agree with dream reacher...i had IUI done and we payed a total of $330.00. that included the consultation seman wash and insemination. (we also had no drugs)

i also agree that you should seek a profetional opinion on what is your best bet.  if you are ovulating on your own then you could do just fine with just the insemination....i don't think it is really a simply of a question as you are hoping for.
good luck to you
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