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If you dont have sore or tender breast, can you still feel quick sharp stabbing pains?

I am now 25 days late on my period. My last period was on May 29. i have taken to 3 htp before preggo test and show negative. But i have been feeling more tired, some every now and then nausea, mild cramping, some time feel bloated, gassy ( sorry TMI) extreme lower back pain, and quick sharp stabbing pains in my breast is that normal? I dont have soreness in breast. I will be going to dr soon to get a blood test cuz i still have not got my period and i have never been this late. Any advice or past expirences? I would really appreciate it! thanx in advance
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HI, Make sure you do your pregnancy test first thing in the morning when you get up. Make sure you have followed the instuctions properly. I know I have wrecked more than one test. I would definately get blood tests done. Do you have a huge amount of stress at the moment or loss of weight. These things amy also contribute to a late period. Good Luck Take care
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no i dont seem to be stressing out at the moment.. no loss weight either.. i had a urine test dont by planned parenthood and it came out negative. i really dont know why. im confused.. thx for the advise ... :)
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