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Im a walking Zombie...Please!! you help is very needed!

Ok you guys.. i really need some help here!! Zane has his days and nights mixed up.... he will be 9 weeks old onmonday... and i have yet to sleep more t han 2 hours at a time.. it has been suggested to me to start him on cereal.. to supplement with formula.. to "keep him awake" wwhich i find really mean to do to a 2 month old..) im at my wits end..
if this has happened to anyone. Please .. oh please .. and im on my hands and knees here.. PLEASE leave your suggestions here.. i am no longer functioning as a human being.. the constant thrush... the pains from that.. the headaches from lack of sleep.. the stomach problems from not being able to eat consistantly..the vertigo from lack of sleep.. my  bio rythmm or whatever that thing is called is all screwed up.. believe me.. when everyones asleep. im like.. hey everyone get up..lets play monopoly.. it's  getting old..lol.. cats SUCK at monopoly. and 2 month olds just dont follow the rules.
SHould i give him the rice? Do i give him fruit? Do i go tothe nearest looney bin?
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Hello!  Sorry, I have no advice for you....I just wanted to tell you I was looking at your myspace yesterday and he is sooooo cute!
I see you saw my 3-d pics but I have to wait to get home to log into myspace to see your comments.  
I'll be in your shoes in 2 months!
Hope somone can answer your questions before you go insane!
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This is going to sound very bad, and I want you to know it is not a personal attack on you, nor on any particular person.  Just an observation.  At the end of my "observation", I'll try to add anything helpful I actually can.  But know I  am not directing this at you personally.

I watch and read all the posts from all the ladies here who are so very desperate to get pregnant.  They obsess over their boobs, stick their fingers up their vaginas to dig out cervical mucus, test 3 times a day, and have their menstrual cycles plotted and planned out better than the war in Iraq was.  They worry from day one.  Everyone is so full of joy about their "blessing from God".  So full of hopeful anticipation, excitement, and delerious happiness.  The resulting pregnancies are analysed to the extreme.  Everyone can't wait to deliver their own personal bundle of joy.  Life is good.  A baby is on the way.  What they've ALWAYS WANTED.

Then they deliver.  Then the posts change tone to "I'm tired, I'm fed up, my husband doesn't spend enough time with the baby, the baby spits up all the time, can I add cereal to the bottle to make the baby sleep more, the baby cries, etc etc"

What did you ladies think would happen?  Babies are HARD WORK.  They are a job with no time off.  24/7.  Sore nipples.  Puking.  No sleep.  Nonstop crying.  Messy diapers.  Fevers.  Rashes.  Teething.  Laundry.  Exhaustion.  Sibling rivalry.  Detached and lonely husbands.

You deal with it, is what you do.  You sleep when/if they sleep.  Expect that the first year will be hellish, and you'll be prepared if it is, and pleasantly surprised if it isn't.  You go around attached to the baby all the time if need be.  Do your very best to cope with the baby that you asked for.  

This is why I always I get annoyed with the "babies are a blessing" camp.   Children in general are a blessing.  Babies, that's another story.  They're just boot camp for the hard work of a lifetime of childrearing.  They can be life's joy and worst pain at the same time.  

Rant over.

Do not add cereal or anything else to a 9 week old baby's diet.  It is too early.  There are no studies to show that it helps in any way, and in fact can be a detriment.  The same is true with formula; it won't make the baby sleep longer.  I've never heard that either thing "keeps them awake" anyway, and I doubt it would be true at all, except for the tummyache from the change in diet.   Have a soothing bath for him before bed, and then one for you.  Sleep when he sleeps.  Delegate housework to either the back burner or to your husband.  If you have any stored milk, let your husband take a feeding while you rest.  A 9 week old baby sets his own schedule, and you must adjust yours to his, not vice versa.

It sucks.  It sucks bad.  But that's what you signed up for.  The reward is in the smiles, watching your child achieve milestones, the first hugs, and the first "mommy I love you" uttered from the angelic face of the child who just broke a treasured knick knack.  Who then goes on to stuff a sandwich in your expensive, brand new DVD player.  

You just have to suck up this part.  That's about the best I can tell you right now.  Take care of yourself when you can, but treasure every second of this difficult time.  It passes quickly.  Too quickly.  
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And believe me, I hear the exhaustion in your post, and realize you need sleep, and you need to vent.  I read carefully every word you typed.  I see that you are very, very tired.  
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I'm pretty sure she has 6 other kids.  I would think she's be exhausted at this point!

Putting her story aside, I do see your point for other people.  I think in her case she just is in desperate need for advice because she's so tired.  
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That's why I made sure to put in there that it wasn't directed at anyone in particular.  I'm absolutely sure she's exhausted.  I had a tough time with my kids, too.  That's why I only had 2.  I wouldn't have been able to cope with another child.

6, I can't even imagine how anyone copes.  I'm not that together of a person.  
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Ultrasounds at this stage of pregnancy can be off up to 10 days or so.  What would be more important to know, is how your measurements were very early in the pregnancy, when dating is much more accurate.  If you were right on target for gestational age then and bigger than normal now, you might just be having a bigger size baby.  

If you never miscarried, I would think your first ultrasound with this one would have shown you to be much furthur along than expected.  
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