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Implantation Bleeding or Period?

I have been on birth control for 4 months and i started taking my sugar pills for the month on Sunday July 22nd. I had unprotected sex on the 23rd, but my partner pulled out before he came. I usually get my period on the Thursday morning after i start taking the sugar pills, but i just had cramps all day. I didn't see anything until late that night, and it was only brown discharge. When i took out my tampon in the morning there was blood, but also a lot of brown discharge. Could this be my period or implantation bleeding? It was very light discharge all day today and only bled for a few hours tonight. I am confused as to whether this is my actual period or not. Also, i have been working a lot more this month and i hardly have time to eat. Could this affect my period and the flow?
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If you took your pills all month and didn't miss any days I wouldn't be worried.  You still wouldn't get pregnant on sugar pills.  If you missed any days,  then you may have reason for concern.  I know some of the pills are strict about needing to even be at the same time every day.  Wait til that wed and take a test.... and yes, a lot of work and lack of food will affect it.  Try not to worry.  
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my period came five days early stayed for 1 day and was real dark never red
which sound like implantation bleeding but im not sure and i havent tested cuz i dont feel preg at all and when i am pregnant i feel like im pregnant so i want to wait till aug to see if anythin happens but if i get sick or boobs start hurting or get tired ill cave and test but i dont want to see a - sign if i dont have to
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