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Implantation OR Period? REALLY confused....

I need some help please..
So I just ended my period on the Mon. the 10th of April and I usually don't get AF for another 3 weeks after the end of my previous period, So I found it really weird that since it wasn't due for another 2 weeks, that I was getting cramping. I usually NEVER get cramping with AF, I only get a mild lower backache the day before, and sometimes the day I get it. So the week goes on and my boobs started to really hurt on Mon. 17th and I started to get nausea more frequent and just feeling really unwell with headaches and all. Well all that went on, the end of this past week (Fri) I found my self peeing a whole lot-like waking up super early to pee and going every few hours-unlike me. And then Saturday, I started to get what is usually described as implantation bleeding--pink/brown/very light..and thats what I thought it was, until Sunday (yest.) where it was heavier and more red..and now today its the same way this morning...I have put a super tampon in just because I want to feel more clean--it probably wont fill it up in 8 hours. My period usually is quite heavy, and I go through a super in less than 8 hours--about 5..So I am ALL confused if this is my period or Im. Bleeding. I hear it can be really light and pink/ brown, only there when you wipe and really short, OR it can be like a light period, lasting as long just lighter than usual. Could you please share with me your implantation bleeding experiences, when after you found out you were indeed pregnant? Thanks so much, I just need experiences from REAL people/not internet atricles!
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could this be just a SUPER early period? After only 11 days, when usually 3 weeks? Should I consider not getting my period when due (May 3rd-ish) a missed period, even though I had this? I'm just really confused...please can I have your similar experiences with implantation bleeding? And what you think this might be for me? Thanks so so so much...I do have my fingers crossed that this is actually implantation bleeding!

ps. you can ask me for more info/questions to be answered if it would help YOU give me an answer! :)
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Sorry to post 2 questions under one topic, but it wouldn't let me open a new thread.
After my 3rd miscarriage in a one year period, my dr's office performed an HSG (dye & X-ray of the cervix) and a bunch of blood tests (11 vials - ouch!).  I do have a healthy 4 year old son who I had no complications with.
I received a call back from my nurse today stating that they found something in my blood work that alerted them as to what might be the culprit behind my miscarriages, and that this was something that developed after the birth of my son.  The nurse also said she was unable to discuss it over the phone, and didn't know all the details, so she scheduled me to come in later this week and discuss the results with the doctor herself.  Now I am all in a panic.  What do you think could be causing my miscarriages that would be revealed from blood work? I know, amongst other things, that they tested for clotting disorders (my only sister has I.T.P - a clotting disorder) and genetic problems. Any ideas you have would be hugely appriciated as I can't help but consider all the worse as I wait to find out if I will ever be able to contiue a pregnancy again.  Thanks so much!!
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no problem, i'm just hoping to get a response to my question from people and their similar experiences to me! :)
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I took a hpt on Sat before my period to start on the following Tuesday. It came out neg and when I wiped I thought I got AF.
This was Sat-Tues no tampon needed, just spotting. I thought I would test again on Tuesday because I could not believe I was not Preggo. Thats when I got my BFP!! So I had 3-4 days of light spotting, ALL colors :)
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When I had all the blood work after my 3rd m/c, they also checked thyroid and a list of things.  It could be something like that and the levels are off.  What is your history?  Is sounds similar to mine...
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What did they determine in your situation?

My history = I am 25 years old and have a healthy 4 year old.  I had a miscarriage last summer, then again on November 2005.  By the time I realized I was pregnant the 2nd time my #'s were already dropping and they knew I was losing my baby.  I got my first period after that on Christmas day, and was pregnant again following that period.  This last time I actually did see the babies heartbeat (allthough slow - 92) prior to finding out that he had died.  That time I had a D&C (2/28/06) per my dr's advice as my body wasn't expelling anything on it's own.
Whatever has changed is something that has changed since I had my son.  They won't reveal any further info over the phone.  I am even more nervous because before receiving this information my partner & I bd'd at the right times to concieve again.  I can't imagine what would have caused this change.
How many of these problems they are testing for are curable? Were you able to continue a pregnancy after diagnosis and treatment?
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