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Implantation or Ovulation...NEED ADVICE!!!!

This may be TMI in some parts, however the more information...maybe the better that someone could help me out.
Here is the deal. AF started 8/29/2009...lasted until 9/01/2009. On 9/7 i started having the worst case of insomnia ever. I would be literally exhausted, go to lay down to go to sleep...and then be wide awake until 4 in the morning. On 9/9-9/10 during one of my insomnia bouts I went to go pee and there was a small amount of extremely light pink blood when I wiped. This occured only one more time during the day before I went to work. Then while at work, within two hours of being there I became so nauseated that I had actually asked to go home. I then had an extreme bout of diareha...which i took to be just the stomach flu-even doctor had said so. However since that day I have been nauseated, and having one extreme to the other on my bowel movements. Diarreaha one day, constipation the next. I had also spotted on the 12th and also the 14th. i have searched all over the internet on ovulation bleeding vs implantation bleeding. My husband and I had sex on the 2nd...but nothing since then. I have had an extremely rare case of the I dont want its. I have had frequent headaches,  I am gassy also...but no other signs. I took a hpt on the 16th with a BFN as i expected it to. AF is not due til at least the 27-29. Can anyone give me any information on what might have caused this? Another sidenote here....no pms symptoms...or pmdd symptoms is more like it. I usually have breast tenderness, and severe rage fits...none of which have occured. I also had a strange mood swing the other night...watching Terry Fator...went from laughing histerically to bawling my eyes out when he sang Its a beautiful world. REALLY dont have any clue about that. So Please...has anyone experienced anything like this...and were you prego...i kinda feel like i am. But i am trying to not get my hopes to high, as we have been ttc for 2 years now. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone give me advice.  I posted this on the Board at WebMD...but have yet to get a response to it.
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Sorry correction on the song...it was Its A Wonderful World. And I have never got weepy over it.  It also happened tonight while watching A Walk To Remember, when Mandy Moore started singing Only Hope...which I bawled on to.  My hubby thinks that I am going crazy...so please anyone with any advice...maybe if you experienced all or any of the symptoms let me know.
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The only advice I can offer is to wait and take a pregnancy test I wouldn't test until sept 21st or so just to make sure take an early pregnancy test and use first morning urine. If you take one and it is negative then give it a week and if you still don't have a period test again. Good Luck
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